Kim Seo-hyung appeared on SBS ‘Lee Dong-wook wants to talk’ on the 15th and immediately released the hit song ‘Kanadaramabasa’ by singer Yang Jun-il.

Kim Seo-hyung, who likes music and singing, recently asked for accompaniment to Yang Jun-il’s ‘Kanadaramabasa’, saying, “I keep listening to Yang Jun-il’s song.”

“I didn’t plan to listen to this song. I heard it by chance, but it fits in with my situation and my mind at the time, so I can import more.”

Kim Seo-hyung said about Yang Jun-il, “I was very happy to see TV. At the time, I did not understand the meaning of the song ‘Kanadaramabasa’ when I was in my 20s.” After speaking, he performed improvisation with MC Jang Do-yeon as ‘Kanadaramabasa’.

‘Seduction of wife’ Shin Ae-ri and ‘Sky Castle’ Kim Joo-young showed intense acting in each of his works. Kim Seo-hyung, who took a special vacation and took a break at the pension, invited Lee Dong-wook and Jang Do-yeon to present spaghetti and salad dishes. We also released a companion dog for 14 years.

Kim Seo Hyung is 48 years old. “I like watching the wedding scene, but I’m not interested in my marriage yet,” he said.

Kim Seo-hyung, who sat in the talk seat again, made an effort to build a certain character when creating the ‘Sky Castle’ Kim Ju-young character.

“I saw the dialogue“ You must trust me completely ”and constantly thought about how to express it. I didn’t use it in modern times, it wasn’t a common word. did.”

Because it was a difficult character, he refused all parody advertisements using that character. Kim said, “I was so happy that someone was parodying me, but I didn’t want to take an advertisement because I was parodying it. I fought a lot in my mind, thinking about the character that made me think hard and hard. “

Lee Dong-wook said, “I also took a lot of CF proposals in the costume of the grim reaper. I refused about 6 or 7 pieces. “I agreed with Kim Seo-hyung.

When I went to Cannes, I responded to Kim Seo-hyung, “I really wanted to shave.”

Lastly, when Kim Seo-hyun asked about the moment he wanted to give up, he said, “It was a huge wandering in my 20s. I think I should listen more to those who have worked normally. ”

Meanwhile, Kim Seo-hyung will return to CRT with this year’s SBS drama ‘Nobody Known’ and return to the screen with the movie ‘Mr. Joo’.

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