The JTBC drama “SKY Castle” is not popular because it satirizes the Korean society that simply hangs on the entrance exam. The popularity of this drama occupies a large part in the mask written by the castle residents. Everyone in the castle who lives only in the upper middle class of Korea is wearing masks. <SKY Castle> releases the story by stripping each of these masks one by one. Jin Jin-hee (Onara) who loudly called ‘Cheongdam-dong hot pants’ who had gone through high school days since Kwak Mi-hyang (daughter of Jeong-ah) Professor Cha Min-hyuk (Kim Byung-cheol), who is proud of her daughter’s going to Harvard, is also planning a catastrophe because of her daughter’s lies.

In that sense, the phrase ‘tearing up Agar’s hair’, which is a kind of kwakmyong, is bound to be the representative of <SKY Castle>. It is a way to reveal the true mask when you tear off the head of a lie, wearing a mask. These mask stripping plots are a common technique used in superficial dramas. However, <SKY Castle> is a delicate and individual acting of the actors, rather it turns the plot into a thrill-like atmosphere full of tension.

The two axes that play such a role are actor Jung-ae and Kim Seo-hyung. The characters that are played by the children are also wearing masks. Song Ji-ae plays Kwak Mi-Hyang Hyun-han Hsin-jin and Kim Seo-hyung plays old Jennifer Kim Ju-young. The performances of these two masks, Sori and Jae-hyung Kim, give the drama a high degree of tension. Moreover, the performances of the two actors are equally stressful, but their acting patterns are different. If the smoke of T’ai-jin is like a free flowing and sensitive shed, the smoke of Kim Seo-hyung is close to Gothic body pushing the weight of the angles to the end.

The story of <SKY Castle> is actually a character that is hard to catch a single condensation. From maternity to worry about her daughter’s college entrance examination, to snobbish desire, fictitious vanity, and sometimes cruel and calm personality to others. It simply means that it is not possible to express all of the hanchukjeon with only the act of the villain who is singing and crying.

She is a student who has experienced a variety of smoke spectra ranging from comedy to horror and thriller. And, in the <SKY Castle> Hanseo Jean, it displays these various aspects freely like a transcriptionist. Especially, the strength of the actress is to express delicate expressions of the emptiness of the blank without metabolism stroke and metabolism.

It is an actor who can digest the ambiguities like “Agar-head” ambassador and “off-go” while energizing the ambassador. In addition, the change of the expression of a few seconds which is done in front of her daughter Kang Ye-yoon (Kim Hye-yoon) makes the viewers understand the movement of emotions. Especially, the act of crying with the expression of the husband knowing the existence of the extramarital child and crying in the inside can be said to be the backbone of this kind of acting. However, in the scene where the day is erected and the angle is erected, the screen is turned into Siberia with a parrish expression.

On the other hand, Kim ‘s acting is in contrast to the acting of. Secret admission coordinator Kim Joo-young is like a pauper who dominates parents and admission students. Kim Seo-hyung controls this character perfectly through his hair tied back to back, sharp eyes, and a unique tone of power. Gothic novels, such as the eerie witch-like atmosphere is to reproduce the Gothic solid smoke.

Kim Seo-hyeong goes straight ahead as he feels about the characters he created. So Kim does not breathe any characters of <SKY Castle> but creates a unique presence. In addition, Kim Jae-hyung’s role in Kim Joo-young’s acting is the facial expressions and eyes that come out when this hard mask is twisted. It is the kind of smile that Kim Hye – na (Kim Bula) learns that she is a child of Kang Jun – sang (Jeon Jun – ho).

The acting of the two actors with such a difference plays a big role in making <SKY Castle> a unique work. Moreover, the actors of the two act very well with ‘SKY Castle’ which shows the intention of the person wearing the masks.

<SKY Castle> Of course, there are some actors who lose because of the unique atmosphere. This is the case of actor Lee Tae-Ran, who plays Lee Soo-im, a fairy tale writer. It is not a problem if it is a drama that explains all the emotions of the character as an ordinary weekend drama or an ambassador of Kim Soo-hyun’s writer ceremony. Rather, Lee has played a role as an actor who kindly communicates feelings in the ambassador.

However, <SKY Castle> is a little different. <SKY CASTLE> is a work that involves raising the complicated feelings hidden behind the masks of a person and postponing the actual dialogue to some extent. However, the masks that are used differently from other characters are thin and just like mask packs, but they are close to a flat figure without shadow. For this reason, Lee Isum, actor of Lee Tae Ran, is meaningful as a character who loosens tension of drama at <SKY Castle> and explains the progress of the event. It is not easy to get a light.

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