On the afternoon of the afternoon, JTBC drama ‘Snowy breeze’ was portrayed as a childhood and present of Kim Hye-Ja (Kim Hyeja-min).


First of all, Kim Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja, Han Ji-min) His best friends Lee Hyun-joo (Kim Ga-eun) and Yun Sang-eun (Song Sang-eun) also appeared. Yoon Sang-eun said to Kim Hye-ja, “I seem to have a relationship with you. Kim Hye-ja later said, “I’m going to have a first date today.” The man who was waiting for him was his boyfriend, Lee Jun-ha (Nam Ju-hyeok). Kim Hye – ja grew up enjoying a small date like Lee Jun – ha and other lovers.

Kim Hye-ja said to his friends, “(Lee Jun-ha), I will not go too far, until I will be pure, kissing and getting married. Kim Hye – ja led a couple of times to kiss, but Lee did not go over. Eventually he asked the shaman, “When can I kiss you?”

The shaman said, “I will do it tomorrow,” but he tongue it as if it is sad, and he told Yoon Sang-eun, “You can succeed as a singer by changing your name to Yoon Bok-hee.” I really kissed the next day when Kim Hye – ja and Lee Jun avoided the curb siren and dodged themselves into the wall.

Again reality. Kim Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja) The friends came to the room. Yoon Sang-eun (Yun Bok-Hee) and Lee Hyun-joo (Son Sook-min) were renamed Yun Bok-hee. People responded hotly to Yun Bok-Hee asking for autographs. Yoon Sang – eun saw the doctor, Jun Jun – ha (Nam Ju – hyeok), and said, “I almost fell off. I did not resemble it.

Again the development was back to Kim Hye – ja ‘s youth. Lee said to Kim Hye-ja, “I have no idea what I have and I do not have much more than there is, but if it’s okay, will you marry me?”

Kim Hye – ja, who was handed the ring, was touched by tears and filled his watch with Lee Jun – ha ‘s wrist. Kim said, “If you do not, I have brought it to you.” Then Lee Jun asked, “Will you marry me?” Kim Hye-ja answered “Yes” and promised the future.

Kim looked back at his daughter-in-law (Lee Jeong-eun) who found his room and left a long speech. Kim Hye-ja said, “Our daughter-in-law lived very hard, and I wondered what kind of blessing she had. “I am sorry that I am too busy to live in the uncomfortable husband of the uncomfortable husband, and I am living in tightness, but I know I am getting old in the old hair salon. Both Kim Hye – ja and her daughter – in – law were only tears.

A few days later, his daughter-in-law saw a memory of the past with Kim Hye-ja. At that time, the daughter – in – law was displeased with the protest of the guest, but Kim Hye – ja comforted her and laid her hands on the cake. Kim Hye – ja gave a similar experience to me and formed a consensus and gave me strength. His daughter – in – law found a gimyeoja.

Kim Hye – ja looked at the hand of her daughter – in – law and said, “Looks like she ‘s been doing beauty work, and she’ s too busy to have a glove. The daughter – in – law dismissed the complicated feelings that she did not recognize her, but she went out of the room.

At the end of the broadcast, Kim Hye – ja went to the sleeping room next to the sleeping sick (sleeping on the clock) and made a determined expression as if he had decided something.

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