Kim Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja), who was broadcast on JTBC on the 18th, said, “This is the only way.” Then he said, “Let’s go.” He got up on the ledge. At this time Kim Hye-ja’s sneakers fell and hit the head of Lee Jun-ha (Nam Ju-hyeok).

“I do not think I’m going to die,” she said, “I do not think I’m going to die,” she said. It makes you feel comfortable with your family. ”

Kim Hye – ja cried while closing his mouth, listening to Lee Jun – ha ‘s words. Lee picked up the sneakers and threw them on the roof and turned. Kim Hye – ja went straight home. I was frustrated again when I saw my face reflected in the mirror.

Lee Jung Eun (Lee Jeong-eun) cared about Kim Hye-ja who did not come out in the room. I put the rice in front of the door, and Kim Hye-ja cried, breathing, listening to Lee’s words. Lee Jun-ha, the grandmother’s deceased, did not come out of the house. I spent every day with work and drink.

Kim Hye – ja, who opened his eyes at three o’clock in the morning, came out. And I entered the bar. Lee Jun-ha also appeared. Lee ordered to soju and sat down familiarly. Kim Hye-ja looked at Lee Jun-ha and said, “What are you doing? Then, unable to bear, Lee hit the back of the head. Kim Hye – ja shouted, “What are you?

Lee got out of the room, Kim Hye – ja blasted, knocked the door and went into the room. And I also dyed Kim Hye-ja’s hair. Kim finally decided to leave. Kim Hye-ja was struggling with all kinds of strange people at the train station and losing his bag. Especially, the taxi driver who was going to take me to the sea, took me back to the police station.

At the police station, another scuffle took place. At this time, a person who came to the police station said. Lee Jun tells a story about the criminal and the complaint, and finds Kim Hye – ja who says “there is no house”. Yi Jun said, “I live in our neighborhood. Especially, when Kim Hye-ja said “I do not know” and when I was giving a different certificate, Kim Young Soo (Son Ho-joon) appeared and took Kim with her.

Kim Hye – ja gathered all of his family members and raised a few chopsticks. Kim Hye – ja said, “I have been sorry for the time being, Dad, Mom. In the meantime, Kim Hye – ja went to the hospital and wanted to know his age. I was diagnosed with a 65-year-old body at the hospital.

I lived side by side with Kim Hee – won (Kim Hee – won) and drank alcohol. Lee Jun said, “I have been moving a lot since I was a child, so I did not know what to say about putting a seal in the neighborhood. It was the first time that it would be comforting just to live. “I missed Kim Hye-ja (Han Ji-min), saying,” In this neighborhood.

Kim Hye – ja started to live out. He started doing things he could do, such as cooking at home or helping a beauty salon. However, Kim Sang-woon (guise) and the atmosphere were still awkward. Kim’s friends suddenly wondered where Kim Hye-ja’s disappeared. Kim Hye-ja appeared before such friends. The friends who listened to Kim Hye-ja’s story burst into tears.

Kim finds Lee Jun-ha passing by and says, “I live in a hair salon.” However, Lee Jun passed the back of his head. Kim Hye-ja met with friends and complained. Kim Hye – ja said, “I talked about beauty salon, but I do not ask about it.

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