“It is true that So Ji-seop has a good meeting with Cho Eun Jung’s announcer,” said So Ji-Sub, a member of the agency Fifty One Kee.

“The two of them met for the first time about a year ago on the program, and they shared their friendship with the acquaintances. Afterwards, they developed a love for each other and developed into lovers, Explained.

Finally, the agency said, “However, since the other person is not a performer, I am careful in many ways. I hope to see you with a warm eye so that I can greet you soon with a better work. “

The meeting between So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung announcer took place when Sook Ji-sub appeared in SBS ‘Full-Night Entertainment Night’ to promote the movie ‘Go to Meet Now’ in March last year. At that time, Joe Eun Jung was actively working as a reporter for ‘The Entertainment Night’.

Especially So Ji-seop and Jo Eun-jung announcer gathered their eyes on Hannam-dong dating photo on the day of the opening of the episode. The two people in the photo ordered the coffee and then walked around the street without being conscious of the surrounding people. The beauty of those who are not hidden in their casual dresses and their pressed hats are admirable.

Above all, in the case of So Ji-sub, the public is sending a message of congratulations on celebration such as “Congratulations”, “I want to meet beautifully,” “I want to marry,” So Ji-seop said to his official agency SNS, “I have a person who is very important to me. It keeps my side quietly and gives me great strength. I will do my best to be a more responsible actor in the future so that I can return my faith. “

So Ji-seop, who was born in 1977, made his debut as a model in 1995, and announced his face to MBC sitcom ‘Three Men Three Women’ in 1996. Since then, MBC has been working on ‘Proposal for Delicious’, SBS’ Glass Slipper ‘,’ Millennium Jiao ‘,’ Something Happened in Bali ‘, KBS2’ Sorry, I Love You ‘, SBS’ And starred in movies such as ‘The Movie’, ‘The Worker’, ‘The Apostle’, ‘The Battlefield’, and ‘I’m Going to Meet You Now’, he became MBC ‘Terius’ Won the Grand Prize.

Joe Eun Jung announcer, who was born in 1994, graduated from Yewon School, Seoul Arts High School, Korea Dance Department, and then majored in Korean Dance Department at Ewha Womans University. He made his debut as an announcer through OGN, a game special channel in 2014, and became popular as a ‘roll goddess’ and acted as a reporter for ‘full entertainment’ until June last year.

Sojip sub-entry position.

Hi. Actor So Ji Sub is 51k agency.

I would like to announce the official position of the actress So Ji-Sub, who was reported today, regarding the devoted article. It is true that Mr. So Ji-seop has a good meeting as revealed to the media.

They met for the first time about a year ago through a broadcast program, and got to know each other through a meeting with their acquaintances. Since then, they have developed a love for each other and loved ones, and they have been told that they are meeting beautifully.

However, since the other person is a general person who does not participate in the entertainment industry now, he is careful in many ways.

I would like to ask you to refrain from any further speculation reports or surplus coverage, and please keep a warm eye on the two people so that they will continue to meet you in the future.

I will be able to greet you soon with a better work. Thank you.
Soo Ji-eop’s direct devotion to Jo Eun-jeong

Hi. It is So Ji Sub. You were amazed at my sudden affirmation today. Sorry for not telling you in advance, sorry. 

I am still cautious about how this news will be received to fans who have always supported me and supported me. 

I am very nervous and nervous because I have to share this news suddenly, but I just want you to watch with warm eyes and heart. 

Everyone, I have a person who is important to me. It is a person who keeps my side quietly and gives me great strength. 

There are a lot of cautious parts to continue good meeting.

I will try to be a more responsible actor so that I can return the faith you have sent. Watch me. Thank you.  

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