“Where will the cook go to the house?” Sibigger stunned the gangster into a side-by-side room and said, “I came out to buy rice!” “I’ll go crazy because of my feelings, please act according to the theme” to the two main characters in their 40s and 20s. The husband of the protagonist who helps in solving the case even though it is a proverb. An ambassador from the helpless mouth who has a remarkable hacking ability is “Zaja, the player’s position” …

This is the scenario as it is a scenario outbreak of the movie ‘Gap Cops’ (director JeongDa Won) which opens tomorrow (9th). It seems to be a combination of a police investigation movie called ‘police film’ or a comedy with a female character.

When I saw this fictional article, “Fellowship level” is a fussle, “Gulkaps” just made a frame that would be such a movie, and played a big role in removing Kim before opening. “I had a lot of fun,” he said at the press conference, “I hope you will come and see a lot of people like that.

Jeong’s directorial debut, which made his debut in a commercial film with Gulkaps, was not merely rhetorical. Although there is a situation setting inevitably appearing in the framework of the investigation film, ‘Gagapcs’ tells an unusual story to the audience. Once the two former police officers are leading the investigation, it seems that they have not seen it.

The former detective Jo Ji-hye (Lee Sung-kyung), who was named as ‘Ace of Legend’ in the previous year, is now in charge of Park Mi-young (ramiran) It is the plot of ‘Gulkaps’ that it comes into contact with accidental sex crime incident with new drug and solves it by gathering strength.

‘Gulkaps’ does not deal with nuclear-bomb crimes committed by high-ranking officials. As the male detectives say in the drama, they pay attention to the “not very helpful in the performance” case. It was a sexual crime, even though it became so common to women that it became a ‘daily horror’, but it was pushed into the backstroke to emphasize the evil of ‘giant evil’ or mobilized for the awakening of the main character.

It was planned three years ago and it was taken a year ago, but it’s interesting that there are lots of corners reminiscent of Burning Sun Gate. It is consistent with committing sex crimes by using drugs against women who visit the club. In this process, illegal shooting and dissemination are proceeding. Digital sex crimes have been inevitable, as Jung said that he recognized relevant news from the planning stage. Even though sexual crime is the subject, there are few scenes in which only stimulating depiction and selectivity are emphasized. It is a passion that Jung ‘s attentiveness is felt.

As in the drama, ‘illegal shooting’ is a fatal crime that the victim tries to give up on his own life. Okay, if 30,000 of them are gathered, it will be unfair to prevent Uijun (woohjun) who is going to release the illegal shooting video, but the situation is not good.

Some people say, “If you punish them, they will be fined.” Some people complain that the crime is so frequent that it takes a lot of work. The difficulties of reality out of the movie unfold in the drama.

There are those who are willing to investigate and those who are willing to say, ‘I can not forget.’ These are the older detectives who work with wisdom. They will only be on site to help boost their performance. Despite being arrested for drug dealers thanks to the efforts of Mi-Young and Wisdom, the second damage (illegal shooting and distribution) involving the drug appears to be nothing.

It is wise to do this ‘common sense question’ whether it is important or not to divide it into the case which is important for the calculation of the performance, and not the case which it believes and sees when the difficulty which can not be done by the word is difficult. It was wisdom to take the role of the police as a ‘cane of the people’, even though the team seniors did not know anything about wisdom,

As a police officer who has been a good police officer in the past, he has become a legend to various awards, but now he can not easily pass the story of MiYoung without a star. Everyone shows that even though they have already achieved excellent results in ‘performance’, they become one of the many ‘career cut-off women’ after marriage-childbirth-childcare.

I have been working as a liaison officer of the Civil Service Office after endeavoring with my desire for my own work. Mi Young, who was born in 1974 in the drama, is in a state of urged resignation with a “zero exit” position.

I loved my job as a police officer and I felt very proud, but it was very important for me to go to the field as an “investigation principal” again, though it was unofficial to MiYoung, who lived in complacency. I wonder if the face of MiYoung, who is alive with the excitement of ‘working’ again, will buy empathy for female audience in particular.

The assistant rose (Choi Soo-young), an indispensable part of the unofficial investigation of Mi-young-wisdom, is in charge of laughter. As good as hacking ability, I make use of horse tastes. It is also fun to see ‘Tikitaka’ of Mi-young-wisdom-rose. Do not miss the proud of the female workers who are in the civil service room and the traffic situation room, and the hidden aspect of the civil service leader (Hyeon Hye – ran), who seemed to be just yelling.

The action of ramiran, which is not overly glamorous and enhances the reality, Lee Sung-kyun’s action, which takes advantage of the long limbs, and the first Korean film to control for the first time in Gangnam-dongsan Road in Seoul, It is also faithful to the things to look forward to in entertainment movies such as conversation that are induced.

Above all, surprising actors come out with cameos and meet the audience. It has already been published several times, but I am not sure that there is a fear that it will hurt the fun of the audience that I do not know yet. Only the existence is left intensely in the brain.

Opening 9 days, Running time 107 minutes 17 seconds, 15 years old or older, Comedy / Action.

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