In the seventh episode of tvN’s Saturday drama “ The Unsettling Love ”, Lee Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin) was shot down by gangsters looking for Yoon Seri (Son Ye Jin). Yoon Seri drove directly to the hospital, and Park Kwang-bum (Lee Shin-young) said, “I miss my flight. Once we go to the airport, we’ll take care of it. ” 

But Yun Seri said, “If you know and die? Do you know what my favorite movie is? He drove to the hospital across the road under construction, saying “Madmax-Furious”. Luckily, Lee saved his life but did not have enough blood to go to the hospital. Yun Se-ri said that he would share the blood with her. 

Because of this, Yun Seri missed the plane. But staying with Lee Jung-hyeok, “Lee Jung-hyuk is not used to this. I hated me, discarded it and kept it. I only had me, nobody. So it’s awkward. Someone who is not me to me. Face me and listen to me, smile and look at me. Eat together. I don’t have a promise agreement with me. Protect me and such things. Well you did. So I had you. I’m not good enough and I’m not that kind of person. Mr. Lee Jung-hyuk. Are you the kind of person you’ve been to me now? ” 

Lee Jung-hyuk finally dreamed of a happy time playing piano in Switzerland. But he looked at Yoon Se-ri, who asked, “Did you not take a plane?” Yoon Se-ri said, “I couldn’t. There was no way to go. I should have gone, but I couldn’t. ” “We all risked our life to send you one,” said Lee. I don’t know what that means. But are you here? Making all that effort blistering? How sorry do I know I’m sorry? ”  

Yoon Se-ri sees cold-hearted Lee Jung-hyuk. I wake up less. I told you I’m absolutely stable, but I can’t get angry because of me. I’ll come back later if I get better a little later. ” Looking at Lee Jung-hyeok, the nurse and doctor said, “It is a relationship with my lover. It’s the same type. It was a big deal if I didn’t transfusion in time. He said he was exhausted when he was transfused and crying. When he didn’t wake up, he was not awake. 

Lee Jung-hyuk learned the truth of Yoon Se-ri. Yun Seri crying outside, “I want to catch a cold cold,” he approached. Yoon Se-ri “Is it crazy? Who cares who. You were shot today, ”said Lee Jung-hyeok. I’m sorry. I made it hard to speak. ” Yoon Se-ri “I’ll take an apple. You’re not dead. It’s not forgiving me this much because I lived. ” 

Lee Jung-hyuk said, “I just wanted to go and just go.” I should have protected Lee Jung Hyuk at least once. Don’t look so bad. ” Lee Jung-hyuk said, “I’ve just seen a misunderstanding.” Yoon Se-ri said, “No. It was a while, but I did. ”At that moment, Lee Jung-hyuk kissed him by surprise. The couple kissed for a long time with the rain falling in the background. 

But after a kiss, the two got sick. Yoon Se-ri said, “We have three options. I think I didn’t work yesterday. I don’t talk about anything yesterday. Do not burden each other by yesterday’s work. Choose from three. ” Lee Jung-hyuk picked the third one and Yoon Seri was sorry for him. Let’s cool one by one ”went out to the room. 

Then the five squadrons went back and forth to visit. Yoon Seri asked Lee Jeong-hyuk, who was pretending to be a sleeper, whether he or she could not avoid the bullet. Lee Jung-hyuk said, “It was not avoided. If I had avoided, you would have been right. ” Yoon Se-ri said, “Do not go forward. If it happens again, don’t pretend to be cool and avoid it. ”Lee also said,“ You can’t go because of me. Maybe there is someone here who might have already returned to Seoul. ” 

At the same time, Gu Seung-jun (Kim Jeong-hyun) and Seodan (Lee Jung-hyuk) waited for Yoon Se-ri and Lee. Gu Seung-jun said, “We can’t get excited about Mr. and Mrs. I haven’t taken my heart since I got married. Everybody wants to eat me, they eat, drink tea, confess, meet, fight, and run. That is the ruin of marriage. I almost got married. But when it broke, it pounded. I kept thinking of it, ”she said. 

Lee Jung-hyuk and Yoon Seri finally slept. Lee Jung-hyuk said that he would give his patient bed because he was worried about the cold Yoon-seri sleeping on the floor. Lee Jung Hyuk stared at the clean up of Yoon Seri’s head. 

But the next day, a group of Cho Chul Kang (Oh Man Suk) came to the hospital. Cho Chul Kang pursued the shootout and Lee Jung-hyuk said, “I bought a gun to protect my woman, not a spy.” Rather, he confronted the weakness of steel. Cho Chul Kang ordered an emergency arrest, and at that moment, Lee Chung-hyuk’s father, General Political Director Lee Choong-ryul, entered the country. 

Although he prevented his son’s arrest, Lee said, “What are you doing? “I have only one son.” Xidan came to visit as well, but he was displeased to see that Lee Jung-hyuk’s military uniform had a heart stitch. Yoon Se-ri, too, ran to the western side by pushing a wheelchair of a BTS fan patient. “I am Lee Jung-hyuk. It’s hard to be attractive. ” 

The team said to Lee Jung-hyuk, “There is a caregiver here. A colleague who is operating together and a co-worker cares about it, ”Lee Jung-hyuk said. I like her. ” “They are not deceived because I am not deceived,” said Ryu. The verse said, “Did you not leave? So it’s pounding. I thought it was love. What we don’t get excited about is the ruin of marriage. There is no change in our marriage. Do you like that companion. “If you leave, it will disappear.”

That time Yoon Seri was with Ku Seung-jun. Gu Seung-jun told Yoon Seri, “I contacted my family through friends abroad. The whole family liked it. ” Yoon Seri doubted that he liked his brothers. Nevertheless, Gu Seung-jun said, “It is a family. Do not worry if you know you are alive. Do not try to come by force, he said he would find a way to return safely. The shareholders meeting was delayed, ”he continued. 

In South Korea, however, a general shareholders’ meeting was held, and Yoon Se-ri’s father (Namkyung-eup) told his shareholders that he had “reported Yun’s death.” As a result of the shareholders’ meeting, management rights were inherited by Yoon Se-hyung. In South Korea, news of Yun-seri’s death came out, and the West came to see her in a wedding magazine. 

He went to Lee Jung-hyeok and asked, “Yoon Seri, his comrade name? Did you know her exact status? Lee said, “I knew. The beginning was an accident, and then it was a coincidence.” 

At the same time, Yoon Se-ri awoke at Gu Seung-jun’s house. When asked for a phone, Gu Seung-jun said, “You don’t need bodyguard anymore. You can go with me. If you’re gone, you don’t do too much for him.”

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