Actor Song Dae – woong and Oh Min – seok in the ‘Cine Town’ of Park Sunyoung ‘s broadcasting of SBS Power FM on July 4 revealed name meaning, movie introduction, and behind – the – story.

One of the listeners said, “Song Dawn is on the radio and it is like the early morning broadcast.” Park Sun-young, an announcer, said, “I think I got a lot of questions with this name.” Song Dae-wang said, “There were many nicknames. In elementary school, there was a nickname such as ‘dawn bell’ or ‘bell’.

“I was born at 12:58 pm, but my father did not mean it,” said Oh Min-seok. “I was born at dawn and was born at dawn.” I replied.

Oh Min-seok confessed that after the appearance of tvN ‘Brain sexy vs – Problematic man’ Park Sun-young said, “After appearing in the program, my life record says ‘selfish’ and ‘light.’ Oh Min-seok said, “I was fooling around. My junior high school friends came in and said,” You were the kind of kid you used to be.

The two men showed their appreciation for being a work that has been going on for a long time since the film “7 blocks” (director Kim Ji-hoon) released in 2011.

Song Dawn did not forget to explain ‘Jin-bum’. He said, “The wife of Yoon Hoon (Song Dae Woong) is murdered, and Yoon Hoon is a film that cooperates with the wife of Jun Seong (Oh Min-seok), a prominent suspect, with his wife.”

Park Sun-young, who listened to this, said, “Psychological warfare seems to be enormous.” He was also a thriller mania, and he could not predict the criminal until the end. Oh Min-seok said, “In case of me, I saw the movie scenario in an instant.” Although I expected Jin-bum, I did not know the perpetrator until the end.

Song Dawn was cast in advance before receiving the script, saying, “The director said that I wanted to be with me. I was surprised when I first met my boss with Jin-bum, and I was surprised to see a woman writer on the day I met the scenario. A good playful male bishop came out and was surprised, “he laughed.

Song Dawn explained why he boasted of streamlined and fantastic breathing. Another listener said, “Song Dawn was told that I had met her first time with Woo Seon, and she praised her work as well as ten people.”

Song Dae-wang said, “The first time I saw the cable, I talked for 8 hours without moving the place. So I was able to take a good shot, “he said.

On the other hand, ‘Jin-bum’ is a follow-up thriller that depicts the victim’s husband, Young-hoon (Song Dae-wook) and his wife wife Dae-yeon 

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