Kang Sung-yeon will appear as a special MC in the SBS entertainment program ‘Dongsang Dream Season 2-You are my destiny’

Kang Sung-yeon, who has been married for seven years, said she decided to marry her pianist husband Kim Gaon in ten days. MCs asked Kang Sung-yeon, who had been married after five months of love, and said, “He loved the flame.” Kang said, “I was talking about getting married like a drizzle. We talked about the neighborhood we live with and the number of children. ” Kang Sung-yeon added, “That was the third meeting,” MC added. “The two are well together. It’s a bond. ”

On the other hand, Kang Sung-yeon cited Reaction as her dream story. My husband said that he had no reaction and was sorry. Kang said, “When my husband loved me, I cried when I cried. Kang Sung-yeon said, “But I don’t recognize each other’s feelings.

The special MC Kang Seong-yeon’s marriage story can be found on SBS ‘You Are My Destiny’ which is broadcast on the 14th. Meanwhile, ‘You Are My Destiny’ will be broadcast on Monday at 10 pm on a special schedule for two weeks from the 14th.

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