On the 8th, TV Chosun Entertainment ‘Songa In is Going-Mongtha Targase’ Song Song In made a national anthem at the baseball field. 

I met the main character of the story that Mom is a fan of Song Ga-in. In particular, as soon as he saw Songgain, “I felt like finding my lost daughter,” he said that he had a fan spirit from Mistro. Seeing the song, “I see happy tears just look,” he was actually tears.  

I applied for Nahunha’s ‘Return Youth’ song. Cheng asked, “Return to 18 years old.” Song, In-song said, “Let’s return youth together.” After the hit ‘Hung’ concert, Song Gye-in, who arrived at the Plaza Mayor, drove to the next place. Song-in said, “I sang more than the event,” he said, “You like me, I moved more,” he said. 

The next story came from the national anthem at Jamsil Ballpark, the largest. “I don’t call anyone, what should I do, Really” Songain said, “I do not have a national experience, the ballpark is the first outing.” The boom persuaded Song Gye-in, who was challenged by the national anthem who is a hundred times hungry.

Arrived at the baseball field with tension and visited the applicant. He introduced the deputy as “Deputy King Songbli King” and interviewed him in a nervous manner and laughed. At the same time, “Songin is lovely,” he said. 

In earnest, he mentioned the national song. The deputy general manager said, “The opportunity for national anthem is called by many generations, and it is fully qualified for the centuries.” I think it’s very thankful to me. ”  

Finally moved to the waiting room, the boom was “slighter than the Mistro finals,” Song Song-in said, “No.” At the same time, he continued to loosen himself as hard as possible. While checking the precautions to the end, Song-in said, “What if I forget the lyrics?” 

Finally, after the players entered, Songgain stood in front of the crowd. With the national anthem imminent, Song Ga-in was introduced on the billboard. As everyone focused their attention on Song-A-In, the crowd stood up and became a solemn atmosphere. The first few words rang out on the ballpark, and Songa-in slowly advocated national anthems. The national anthem, with the Korean style of music and the voice of Songa In, melted down to the hearts of viewers. 

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