In the MBC EVERY1 ‘Video Star’ broadcast on the 8th, Kim Kang-hyun, Lim Won-hee, Cha Chi-eun, and Lee Chul-min are working on ‘VIS! ‘Technologists’ feature.

On this day, executives, Cha Chi-eun and Kim Kang-hyun appeared in the movie ‘Technology of Remarriage’. Although he didn’t appear in the movie, Lee Cheol-min decided to appear in the video star because he wanted to cheer up with executives. However, executives showed an unwelcome face and smiled.

Director Cho Seong-gyu appeared as a special guest while various revelations such as episodes in college followed. In anticipation of Jung Seok-yong, guests were disappointed at the appearance of Cho Seong-gyu, but Lee Chul-min, who did not appear in the movie, appealed, “I’m a lovely villain actor.”

Jo Sung-gyu confessed to the question about Ha Jung-woo and “I want to see”. In addition, the words ‘growing Ha Jung-woo’ said “it’s right” was humble.

Behind, who cast the executive, said, “I’m not a handsome face,” he said frankly, but said he thought it would fit well with melo. However, executives and Kim Kang-hyun said, “I will be difficult to work with Lee again.” Thus, Cho Seong-gyu expressed his preference for Lee Chul-min, not executive officer.

According to the special feature of the ‘engineers’ each prepared to move. Cha Chi-eun presented ‘Technology of New’, Kim Kang-hyun showed ‘Zone Technology’, Lee Chul-min’s ‘Technology of Action’, and Executive Hee ‘His Living Technology’.

In particular, Kim Kang-hyun’s technique revealed a trick to frighten the judges’ MC team, and executive executives passed the makgeolli blind test as’ professional horners’ and became the first place with ‘Hong Maestro’.

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