On the 9th, MBC FM4U ‘Novelty Hope’s Kim Shin-young’ was written by Kim In-na as a guest.

DJ Kim Shin-young said, “By Kim or lyric, he wrote a compliment, and the members’ opinions were divided in my writing ability, but they asked me to write it next time.” 

Then Kim said, “I thought I could use the title only as a way to lower and demean myself. I would have been so obvious. But the lyrics were so sad and I didn’t miss a wit for a story that anyone would have experienced.” I caught it, “and praised Kim Shin-young’s writing skills.

Kim Shin-young replied, “It was written based on true story and it was written in the middle expression. One really means ‘I haven’t seen eyes,’ and the other means ‘I haven’t seen a cell phone.'”

In addition, Kim Shin-Young’s “My role model is Kim and Mr. yisigo Copyright rich Let Representative songs are very maneusi. IU, Kim Bum Soo, Brown Eyed Girls, etc.,” said ttetda luck. Then, as of September 11, Kim said, “There are 459 songs registered with Kim or Mr. Kim,” said Kim Nae. 

Kim Shin-young said, “Can I expect celebrity five and Kim or lyricist’s collaboration in the near future?” Kim Shin-young said, “We succeed first. Personal money is not first. I’ll ask you for In-Five.”

Kim also replied, “I don’t know. I don’t care much,” taking a quiz about how many years copyright is guaranteed. Then I said, “I’m going to share.” Kim Shin-young replied, “I never split.” 

When Kim said, “Can I share with Kim Shin-young,” Kim Shin-young said, “I will do well. I will turn to the same Kim.”

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