On the 10th night, SBS entertainment program ‘Dongmyo Imong 2 – You are My Destiny’ (hereafter called ‘Sangmyonmong 2’) depicted the wives who released their first kiss with their husbands.

On the same day, MCs mentioned their first kiss anecdote on June 14th, and Shin Dong – mi recalled her first kissing moment with her friend Harky. He said, “It was awkward, it was awkward to grab a hand, so I went to the wine and ate my first kiss while I was drinking wine,” he said.

Ahn Hyun-mo, who confessed that he had shared a kiss when he first met Reimer, said, “I broke up the first day, and we shared a goodbye kiss.”

However, Sohyeon confessed to the first kiss anecdote more powerful with humanists. Soo tongue said, “The first kiss was elevator, it was dawn, the night was late, and the family house was on the fourth floor.

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