On the 5th, TVN ‘Spain boarding’, Cha Seung-won, Yoon Hae-jin, Bae, The evil-doers have finished their laundry, cleaning, and cleaning with their well-developed appearance. I was able to walk around the wheel of the neighborhood.

Bae Jeong-nam and Cha Seung-won went to see the chapters. The two of them turned from the butcher shop in turn, and Bae Jeongnam laughed at the vegetable shop in the face with a strange conversation.

Huh Jae-jin, who came back from the exercise, opened the door to Alberger and informed him of the opening, but he was nervous about the scenery and revealed the anticipation and anxiety about the car sales on the 3rd day. A pilgrim who came to the store with a shell in his bag came to Albergo.

The evildoer greeted with pleasure, and the pilgrim greeted him saying, “You are not a movie actor, you are a fan.” The smugglers laughed and confirmed how long they were staying, meals, and check-out time. “We have a famous foreign chef in Albergo,” he joked, referring to Cha Seung-won.

Cha Seung Won directs the kitchen directly and prepares dinner. I have put up a prize from the small bulgogi to the ramen noodles. The pilgrims of Korea said, “We are blessed, there are people who pass by, but how long have you tried chopsticks?” Korean pilgrims ate delicious food. They said, “I’m going to tear it up. It’s Korean food in a few weeks. I’m touched.”

At this time, the evil person entered the dining room. He spoke to the pilgrims about the taste of the potatoes. At that time, a Korean male pilgrim asked the evil person, “Do you want to walk (the pilgrim’s path)?”

“I think I need courage yet I have to make a decision but I have not been able to do it yet,” said Huh.

The pilgrims said, “In the other guestbook of Albergue, ‘Why do you have to buy it at the age of 60? You know this taste. Huh Jae-jin said, “This choice should be done just like this, so I will start.”

The evil person said, “It is a hill from tomorrow.” The pilgrims said, “I got used to the pain, I thought it was not my way in 3 days, but I was going to walk for a while.

The next day, Cha Seung – won was ready to prepare meals from early morning. The evil ones went out to the outside. The pilgrims who spent a warm night ate breakfast prepared by Cha Seung – won. It was the breakfast which was prepared well for rice, bell pepper, kimchi, anchovies, quail eggs, The pilgrims left after breakfast. Especially, the pilgrims gave gifts before leaving and gave a warm farewell to handcuffs and souvenirs with handkerchiefs and socks.

On the morning of this morning, Huhan finished the Ikejo No.3, making a wine stall.

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