When Cha Seung-won and Bae Jeong-nam go out to see this show, Yu Hae-jung stops at Ikeyo Studio and starts to make something. At the TVN, which was aired last week, when one of the guests who had visited Albergue was unable to find the entrance, he began to make signs for the entrance sign with arrows. Work with Park Hyun-yong PD, who has a line on plywood and has become a subsidy. Unlike the line, the plywood was cut and “Why did it? It’s my heart. “Suddenly, he starts singing” Mamma Mia “.

Pak PD suddenly asked, “Do you want to be cool?”, To paint the yellow arrows on the well-cut arrow markers and ask them to dry them with a dryer. Pak PD cuts the trees while drying the signs, making the supports harmful. Ikeoyo new employee (?) Is put on the sign writer of the sign dry. When the sign went dry to get rid of the sheets, the boss who felt something strange when he could not hear the sound of the dryer, found BAK PD eating chocolate while he was gone. When the boss PD noticed that the boss who is eating the chocolate is caught suddenly and wakes up and nuts are asked, he laughs.

This is what I have to say about the author of the writer, dry the sign with the dryer, the president in the meantime, “hungry,” and handed out a handful of nuts laugh at his intentional warmth. Park PD, who has been in a strange and delightful boss’s situation, seems to smile pleasantly, saying, “This company has good welfare.” “We, Ikeyo, should have good welfare for the employees once they are good,” said Yoo Hae-jin, who is leaving Nusle. “We have difficulties because we can not produce mass production. I am proud to produce a good product, though … “The PD is laughing at the end of it.

I just stand next to the “no assistant” with the words of Hazujin immediately adopted (?) Park PD. Sometimes he was tough and made mistakes, but Park PD, who had been immersed in the humorous peculiar humor, was happy to be with him. When I came to Ikeyo, he said, “I should do this kind of thing.” Yoo Hae-jin, who was in charge of arranging the bed sheets, calls him “the head of the park” and runs his office. Now the husbands and the head of the park are laughing at their faces. The evil ones give the nuts of the problem and say, “Is there a company like this? nuts. I do not have a company like this. And all the work is done by the president. 

The mood of humor is contagious and the atmosphere of the evacuees is gradually upgraded. I think that it is unexpectedly thought that it is not possible to support this company among the many DIY companies, “he said to the head of the park. “I thought it was nuts.” Suddenly, the intern looking at the pleasant workplace said, “It’s like the early days of Google,” he said. “We have a ‘stew.’ Not the country. “At the end, the head of the park and the intern falls.

Of course, this is a kind of situation created by the evil ones in the Spanish house, but at least this kind of scene is going to work. It is not the work itself which is really hard at work. Rather, the stress of the people working with them is greater. Of course, even if it is not to this extent, I think that it will increase efficiency even if it is atmosphere of such a workplace that can be pleasant to meet.

You can see how hard the evil ones are by looking at the “Spanish houses”. I wake up from dawn and take a walk and start cleaning every corner in the morning. And if there is a chance, I will make sure that there is nothing uncomfortable with the guest and try to improve it. The odd thing is that he seems to be quite enjoyable. So, those who work with him are also pleasant. Of course, it may be difficult to find such a place in the real world, but the joy of the evil person can at least tell that the pleasant humor of the boss can change the atmosphere of the workplace.

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