Also, Um Ji-won was caught in the affair scandal.

In the MBC drama ‘Spring Onna Spring’ 11th and 12th broadcasts broadcast on the 13th, Kim Bomi (Yuli Lee) and Lee Bom (Yi Jiwon) changed their bodies and were shown a crisis.

Kim bomi changed his mind and body just before the wedding ceremony. Kim bomi took the hand of this spring and ran away from the wedding ceremony. After that, I met Yoon Jin-woo (Hah Tae-hee) instead of Kim Bo-mi and said “I think that I can not do this marriage full of lies. I have to have faith and trust in each other and we do not have that.”

Besides, this spring went to Yoon Young-hoo (Jeong Han-hun) as Kim bomi asked. “Do you remember asking me a bad request last time? I threatened you with what the world would know if I knew it.”

Yoon Young-hoo said, “You are threatening me now,” and this spring, “This is not what I do, but this body is doing it, promise to return to Kim Bomi, or I will cry to the world by hanging on it.” .

Yoon Young-hoo finally said, “If you can hold on, hang on.” Yoon Young-hoo reinstated Kim Bo-mi, but he nailed the employees not to talk to Kim Bo-mi. Kim Bomi was bullied inside the company, and took charge of managing ice rinks.

Choi Seo-jin (Son Eun-seo) felt sorry for Park, Yoon-chul (Choi Byung-mo) Choi Seo-jin said, “You do not want to divorce,” and Park Yoon-chul said, “I do not use it, I have to take advantage of the property, and politically cool mother image. However, Choi Seo-jin declared, “I’m feeling dirty.

In the end, Choi Seo-jin has launched the affair scandal of Lee Bong-seok and Lee Hyong-suk. At this time, this spring and Kim Bomi’s body changed again. Although Lee arrived home early in the spring, reporters were gathered in front of the house, and Kim Bomi was caught because of reporters who escaped from Park Yoon – cheol.

I thought Park Yoon-chul caught up to this spring, but I was surprised to see Kim Bomi’s face. Lee Hyung-seok was also shocked to see Lee Bom and Kim Bo-mi’s body changed, not knowing that Kim Bomi was wearing the same clothes.


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