In the 25th and 26th episodes of the MBC drama “MBC Onna Spring” broadcast on March 13, Kim Bomi (Ui Lee) and Lee Bom (Ui Won) were depicted in revenge by Park Yoon-cheol (Choi Byung Mo) and Choi Seo Jin (Son Eun Seo).

Kim Bomi suddenly suffered amnesia before the news began. At the same time, the spring also lost its memory, and it soon returned. Kim Bomi also regained memories and proceeded with the news. However, Kim Bomi has shown amnesia several times afterwards.

In particular, Park Yoon – chul reported Kim Bomi ‘s involvement with S City illegal using Kim Director (Kim Jong – pal). Previously, Kim Boomi had a drink together with people who were tied up with S Cityville and said, “We are ready to sacrifice this one for our Senators.”

Kim received a video showing Kim Boomi to Park Yoon-chul and reported it in the news. Kim said, “It turned out to be a member of S-City.” In addition, Park Yoon-chul said in an interview, “They put everything on me, I am innocent, I will sue everybody who framed me.”

In addition, this spring with Kim Hye-ra (Kang Moon-young), and Choi Seo-jin (Son Eun-seo) Choi Seo – jin bought paintings for his entire fortune, which he lost to his Swiss account.

Afterwards, Kim Bomi uncovered the corruption of Park Yoon-cheol through ‘breaking news’. Kim had a party with Lee Hyung – seok and Lee. An angry Park Yoon-chul visited the office of news breaking, and witnessed the change of Kim Bomi and Lee Bom’s body during the process.

In addition, Huhbunil (Kim Namhee) and Hurwoosam (Ansehea) dramatically escaped. Huh Jae-sung has developed the drug to change the body, the tension between the moment Kimbomi and Lee will be able to safely help.

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