In the first MBC drama “The Spring Night” broadcasted on the 22nd, the first meeting of Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) and Ji Ho Ho (Jung Hae In) was shown.

Lee stopped at the pharmacy of Yuhan to buy medicine. Lee Jung-in asked Yu Ji-ho to give him a rubber band, tied his buckles, and asked him to unpack the package. When Lee was trying to figure out, there was no wallet and the embarrassed Lee Jung – in promised to bring the next price.

Lee said, “Will you give me my phone number? I do not believe you.” Ji – ho gave me his phone number immediately and handed me some cash for him. “I do not pay you, I pay you back, what’s your name?”, And the two people naturally became well-known.

Lee got home from his car, Kwon Ki-suk (Kim Joon-Han). The two men were out of trivial conversation, and Lee Jeong – in looked at the pharmacy of Yuhu, out of the window, with a faint eye. Kwon said that he urged Lee to marry several times, but Lee refused to answer.

Lee Jung-in stopped for a while at the house of Song Young-ju (Lee Sang-hee) and accidentally noticed that Lee Jung-in living in the villa was dating someone. Lee Jung-in sent a messenger to see only the messenger, Yoo Eun-woo (Haian) to go to his parents’ home.

Lee Jae-in’s father Lee Tae-hak (Song Seung-hwan) asked Lee Jung-in about his marriage at the dinner party. Lee Jung-in said, “I do not know whether or not I will continue to love (Kwon Ki-suk).” Lee said, “Do not marry me,” he angrily, and Lee Jung – in said, “I do not know.”

Lee Jung – in returned to Ji – ho, handed the drug price and asked, “Why did not you send us your account number?” “I tried to do this one more time,” said Jehoo. Lee refused, saying, “It’s not even between the balls.”

Lee Jung – in found Song Young – joo ‘s house and encountered Ji – ho, who lives on the upper floor. This led them to share a serious story. Lee Jung-in said, “I have a man to marry.” “I have a child. I confessed. Lee Jung-in suggested, “I made some misconceptions, I apologize, let’s make friends”, but Ji-ho shook his head, “I am not comfortable.”

Lee looked at Kwon Ki-seok, a basketball player looking for a gym. Lee Jung – in found that there was a keep call on the crowd, and Ji – ho also recognized Lee Jung – in and continued consciousness.

Meanwhile, ‘Spring Night’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 pm.

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