‘Spring Night’ has announced the end, but many viewers are not able to break out of the ‘Spring Night’. That’s the kind of beauty that has tapped the hearts of viewers every time. The scenes that came out in the daily life gave realism to reality, and the dialogue that the actors spontaneously spit was real enough to cause even an illusion to look at with an observation camera.

This sense of reality has led to the romance of the heroine and heroine. Han Ji-min of Lee Jung-in, who is looking for a new love even though he had a long-time lover and a legal person in the unmarried part, has drawn up a process of looking for true meaning of love at the first sight. The real conflicts of the two people also led to deliberate emotions and deliberate power without a proper dialogue.

In addition, the two of them were called “real romance” restaurants, which made the audience thrill. Since the beginning of the early ages, the gentle eyes looking at each other showed intricate hearts and sad feelings, and each time they created a special scene. After receiving each other’s sincerity, they show a deep smile with a bright smile did.

What started out as the “reality” of lovers who showed all the glares in the ‘spring night’ caused the pain.

Previously, ‘Spring Night’ was compared with director An-chan Suk and Kim’s previous work, JTBC drama ‘Beautiful sister who is buying rice well’. It started with a lot of worry because of the similar background music, color feeling, and the love of reality and the casting of the male main character Jung Hae In.

As a result, Jung Hae-in, who obtained the modifier of the nation’s younger and younger in his previous works, showed his inner mood by dissolving the pain and suffering he received as a single daddy. When he shed tears on the trauma left behind by his child, he was grossing his chest.

Han Ji-min also has a broken librarian who has a strong sense of his love and has been cool in the flow of the drama and doubled the audience’s immersiveness with his distinctive honest and natural acting.

So, in spite of the concern that it is similar to previous works, “Spring Night” succeeded in attracting viewers’ empathy, and audience ratings were higher than previous works. As a result of this, I made a beauty of Yoojong by drawing ‘reality romance’ which was possible because it was different from other melodrama and it was ‘Orobi’ spring night.

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