I am a man too, but there are men who can not tolerate the MBC drama “spring night”. Lee Seo-hun (Lee Seung-hwan), the husband of Lee Seo-in (Im Seong-in), and Lee Tae-hak (Song Seung-hwan), father of Lee Se-in and master of Nam Se-hoon.

Kwon Gi-suk (Kim Joon-Han), who has become a “former boyfriend” of Lee Jeong-in (Han Ji-min), also appears to be stunned between self-esteem and self-conceit, but these two are “Billon” and “cancer character”.

Seeing these two people, the more enthusiastic, because the violent husband, Nam Seo Hoon, is showing signs that he may not be divorced by his wife, Lee Tae-in, with the help of his father, Lee Tae-hak.

The dentist, Nam Sihoon, is a complex lump. My wife, a broadcasting station announcer, has an aura of qualification and anger. It is a remedy to not marry such a naive man.

The impatient servant, as the eldest son, regrets his choice for his father to meet his father’s selfish expectations.

Nam Sihoon finds out that it is difficult to turn his wife’s heart to divorce, and she runs a “perverse acting” to forgive the patriarchal artisan “I battered my wife by mistake.” In this act, Lee Tae-hak seeks to seal the relationship between the two. What do you know about your daughter’s life? Is this a father?

In addition, Nam Sihoon led her to be angry because she knew that there was a child in the womb of Lee Seon and that she showed relief and comfort in the heat of the Lee Se-In, .

The high school principal, Lee Tae-hak, is not a starving family, but he snoops on the life of his second daughter and shows a snob to keep his job after retirement. Outside the child’s happiness, his gaze, his face and honor are more important. He thinks that marriage is a transaction, and he does not even know that he will ruin his life. Whether it is real or not knowing, selfishness is priority, and it is hard to understand.

This drama is likely to show children how to live their own lives while growing up under this selfish father. This is because it is thought to be a much faster way than letting human beings reflect on themselves.

Nam Sei Hoon and Lee Tae Kak, thinking that they should not be like these two men, together with the idea that they can not continue living with the ‘couples of the showers’ late, they find their own happiness, and think about love and marriage, fighting!!

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