The early night scene of the MBC drama “Spring Night” was closer to winter than spring. It was snowing and chilly. Then when the spring comes, will it be warm in the spring? The weather in the spring is nightmares. The wind blows, the fine dust gets hot, or it rains. Nevertheless, people wait for a warm spring night. Waiting for a warm love.

<Spring Night> is the second romance that Kim and Ahn Chang-seok PD made together with JTBC <The Beautiful Sister who Buys Better>. Ahn Chang-seok PD is well known for his work that sees the frivolity that permeates like a mold between upper class and middle class with Jung Sung Joo writer. But now, Ahn Chang-seok PD seems to have chosen a way to show the humanoid image of the Korean society through personal love while securing the reality and other reality through the romance of minimalism through the minimalism romance. In Korean society, centered on familyism, love is hard to become an individual.

<Spring Night> depicts a complex love story that is one step ahead of his brother-in-law who is in love with his brother-in-law. It is because he draws the love between his unmarried wife, Jiho (Jeonghaein), and Lee Jung-in, a senior lover he knows. However, no matter what the circumstances are, love affects these two people just like an exchange of emotions.

In that sense, the scene where Jing and Jiho first meet in <spring night> is more meaningful than thought. Jung-in, who drank the other day, has a hangover drink at a drugstore where Ji-ho works. Then Jung-In asks if there is anything rubbery. Ji-ho says there is only a yellow rubber band for Jung-in, but Jung-in says that it is enough and binds his head.

The moment Jung-in ties his head and reveals his face, maybe Ji-ho may have been against Jung-in. At the same time, Jung-in may have unconsciously exposed her feelings of love. It is not a formal and elegant love for showing in the eyes of others, but a love that stretches comfortably like a rubber band. A love that leans on your body comfortably and warms your heart.

However, Kwon Ki-suk (Kim Joon-han), who has been living with Jeong-in for a long time, is different. Love to the chair is something to show others. In that respect, Jung In was unhappy with his father, Kwon Young-guk (Kim Chang-wan), but he was a good opponent. Jung-In is a type that adapts well to beautiful people and others. That’s why the juniors are shrunken in their drinking. However, it is Jiho, who knows the chair, not the chair, to take care of the chopsticks dropped from the drinking party.

The manner of love of the chair is not a pointed finger. Many people meet people in such a way, love, and even marry. Love emotions are camouflage and in fact they choose others to stabilize reality. And in a world where love is betrayal, maybe it is the safest love. However, the problem of the chair is not the one who sees the chair, but the fact that the real person did not know what kind of love feelings he wanted.

Jung In tells his father Lee Tae-hak (Song Seung Hwan) that he has left his heart and is crying that he has a loved one. In the meantime, Jung In says that he wants a “warm person”. Of course, the principal’s answer to the answer is, “I read a lot of novels,” and I do not have any.

However, as a marriage, the sister of a married woman, Lee Sung-in (Im Seong-eun), is paying the price for her. Of course, the three sisters’ father, Lee Tae-hak does not notice the fact. In this sense, Lee Tae-hak of <Spring Night> is an interesting person and also a message that contains the message of <Spring Night>. He is not a patriarchal, family-indifferent father that has been common in dramas in the past. Apparently, Lee Tae Suk has a part that looks like a ‘daughter idiot’ father who is interested in daughters at first glance.

But as a result, Lee Tae-seok comes out as a man who is capable of being a man, and his daughters are just other ornaments that make his way into a magnifying glass. Most of all, Lee does not have much interest in the feelings of her daughters. The emotion that weeps, laughs, and feels to him is a kind of thing, but it is not something true to the inside.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kwon Young-guk (Kim Chang-wan), the chairman of the foundation, For him, human beings are all meant to be used as business props. Kwon Young-guk is not satisfied with the ‘spec’ of Jung-In, but she stirs her with her daughter-in-law. Kwon Yeong-guk does not get angry and does not marry Kisok, and he declares to be honest.

Following the flow of characters and stories like this, <spring night> is never a warm healing melody. Rather, it seems to be an example of how love and marriage are reconstructed through the logic of capital in the age of capitalism.

That is why even if you smile at the simple and warm romance that Jungin and Jiho make, this is really a romantic fantasy like the new <Autumn Fairy Tale> of 2019. Like a warm spring night with no fine dust, no breezing wind that only a few days when spring comes.

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