MBC anchor Kim Bum-mi (Uri Lee) and actor Lee Bom (Uh-jiwon) changed their minds because of the drug that Huhbom Sam took on the MBC new tree drama “Spring Iona Spring” done.

Huh Bum-il (Kim Nam-hee), who majored in quantum physics at MIT, has developed a medicine that changes the body of a person in a laboratory. When the experiment succeeded, one man, who was determined to be a dangerous study, killed gun workers. Although Huhbomo was in danger of being killed, fortunately he lived thanks to theresearch director. Huhbom day took the medicine and got out of the lab.

Huhbom day directed to Korea checked the Christmas card sent by Hwasungsam (Ansehea Bun) and headed to his place, and met Huhwoonsam. “I have no place else to go. Please ask me to hide it.” He said, “I do not like it, why did someone who did not reply find me?”

“There is no such thing as sin,” said Chung Bum-il. When he discovered the drug, he said, “Is not it a bomb or a terrorist?” Huh Baem-do is not “I am just medicine, I was sick because I was sick.” I look like an idiot idiot. “He asked me,” It is a moment of aging. It is being chased because of that. It is really dangerous. ”

Huhbom Sam stole his medicine to revenge Kim Bomi who ignored herself. And I got into the stomach of the station and found that Kim Bomi participated in the marathon. Habom Sam, who disguised himself as a marathon staff, tried to hand the medicine to Kim Bomi, but this spring intercepted it.

Embarrassed Huhbom Sam delivered the remaining one to Kim Bomi. This spring and Kim bomi drank the medicine and felt abdominal pain and went to the bathroom. The two of them, who were appealing for ticklishness, turned to each other and screamed amazedly.

Kim had to go to the station to go on the news, and this spring had to go to her daughter, Park Si – won (Lee Seo – yeon). This spring brought kimbomi to the station. This spring, Kim said to her, “You must sit on an anchor seat.” Kim said, “Can I do it? I can not do it. This spring, she said, “Auntie is a student, think of acting.”

In the end, Kim Bomi’s body changed into Lee Bum’s sitting on the anchor seat, and Kim Bomi, who changed into the body of this spring, headed to the place where Park was.

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