Every Sunday night, if you hear this song, the ending song of KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’ (hereafter called ‘Gacon’), all the workers and students in Korea have to accept that the weekend is over.

‘Gacon’, which started broadcasting once in September 1999, has been broadcasted on the 19th, and has been hit by 1,000 times. As a long-awaited comedy program and a public comedy program, a large number of hit-comers and star comedians such as’ The Three Brothers’, ‘Mackay’, ‘I Need a Conversation’, ‘Kang Kang of the Dressing Room’, ‘ .

However, once the glory of the past is now the past, when the media environment has changed and the contest has not been as strong as before, “Gacon”, which has been firmly established, is falling behind.

All public comedy programs such as SBS TV ‘Launcher’ and MBC TV ‘Gagya’ have all been abolished and now only ‘gakon’ and tvN ‘comedy big league’ are continuing.

One of the founding members of the gacon, Jeon Yu-seong (70), said, “I want the gacon to go back to the beginning of the year,” at a press conference held at KCBS in Gyeonggi-do, Yeongdeungpo-gu, on the 13th. The members of Won Jongjae and Park Hyong-keun PD and 55 members of Kim Woo-jin, 45 members of the board, 40 members of the board of directors, 40 members of Shin Bong-

In the past few years, I have not been able to escape from the single-digit viewer rating, and I have been concerned about the slowness of the “gacon”. “I have succeeded in pulling the corners that have been verified at Daehakro on TV and succeeded. I did not have it. “

The elderly man has complained about the crew that has gone through the ‘gakon’ so far. “I would have liked to have had one PD asking me how I would like to do it once,” he said. “I have a few concrete ideas from the perspective of loving ‘gacon’ enough. “He added.

In the early 2000s, ‘Gacon’ was so popular that it had to follow the buzzwords of businessmen and elementary school students, but recently it is suffering from the continuous sluggishness due to the contradictions in the trends and the controversy over the appearance and sadness.

In this crisis, the ‘Gacon’ press conference of 1,000 journalists poured out the questions of ‘Gacon’ overcoming the crisis and asking about future directions. It is a place reserved to commemorate the 1,000th anniversary, but some of the sharp questions that have disappeared to this effect have caught up with the tails of the tail.

The crew and performers emphasized that they are constantly making efforts to innovate “gacon”.

“I know that it’s not working in the past, but I want to tell you that I’m working hard,” said Won Jong-jae, a PD writer. “I do not see the concrete results.

He also expressed the difficulty of change. Won PD asked, “What is the effort to return the gacon to the revival period?” Won PD said, “There are not many ways to do that. It is always a problem.” “It is true that public comedy is sluggish, It is a problem to think again if we can leave and think of something else. “

“Gacon” has been gradually getting out of viewers because of its constant appearance, women, and specific occupation. “There is no such thing in the recent Gacon,” he said. “If you give a pain to someone (due to social change) I will not use it as a gag material. “

Kim Gyeong-hwa, who is a founding member of ‘Gacon’ along with Jae Yul Hyun, Baek Jae-hyun and Curtu, said, “Although Gacon is fresh at first, it can be tired after about 20 years. If you try to fit in, you will definitely get more love. “

Shin Bong-sun, who gained popularity with “gacon” and played in numerous entertainment programs and then returned to “gacon,” said, “I think only when the audience rating is good, and I have come to the point that I can only do this nowadays. Fun and popular corners are not on stage right now, “he said.

Park Hyung Keun PD emphasized that “KBS is public broadcasting”, meaning public comedy that seems to be lagging behind trend and significance of conte today.

Park said, “These genres are important in popular culture, and KBS does not give up (the ratings are not available), so I think it is giving up the responsibility as a public broadcaster.” “It is right to strive for further development of Korean comedy.” did.

He said, “I have been thinking about how to laugh for 20 years, but I have not been able to think about the essence of laughter,” What kind of laughter should I give and what kind of laughter is necessary? “” The essence of comedy, Therefore, I am worried about the part starting from one thousand times. “

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