In the 9th episode of the SBS drama ‘Stopbrig’, which was broadcast on the 11th, Lee Se-young (Park Eun-bin), who learned the circumstances of Baek Seung-soo (Nam Gung-min), was depicted.

On that day, Kwon Kyung-min (Oh Jung-se) announced Baek Seung-soo’s voluntary resignation. Gil Chang-ju (Lee Yong-woo) was hired and hired. Lee Se-young replied that he was unfairly dismissed, but Kwon Kyung-min said he would leave Lee Se-young as a temporary director. When Lee Se-young refused, Kwon Kyung-min threatened him with Baek Young-soo (Yoon Sun-woo).

Baek Seung-soo also asked Lee Se-young to act as temporary director. Lee Se-young went to Baek Seung-soo after seeing the winning plan over Baek Seung-soo, and said he would help him recover. Baek Seung-soo headed to the hospital where his mother and father were.

After Baek Seung-soo, the team and coach prepared for the second draft. However, the eyes on Baek Young-soo (Yoon Sun-woo) are not too good. The coaches ignored Baek Young-soo, saying, “Why don’t we talk about studying with a computer? Did you see your ball flying?”

Then Yoo Kyung-taek (Kim Do-hyun) shouted, “Are you bored that we have missed an operation on the scene? This is my opinion. I didn’t see you throwing the ball up close.” When Baek Young-soo said he would pick only three outfielders, the coach tried to get angry. At that time, Baek Young-soo said, “We seemed to be reading clearly. We are trying to recruit players who are better than necessary and use them as trade cards.”

Lee Se-young said, “Today we must take less than two players and take the players on the list.” The result is successful. Han Jae-hee celebrated his success and asked Baek Young-soo why Baek Seung-soo takes pictures of food every time. Baek Young-soo said, “I’m sending it to my mom. I’m relieved if my mother cares about her meal. My mom is still holding up.”

Baek Seung-su said, “I think my brother and my father fell down because of my brother. It’s not like you went for a salary preservation. Explained.

Afterwards, Lee Se-young visited Kim Young-chae (Park So-jin) and said, “I don’t know that it’s embarrassing. I don’t have any honors. Do you too?” Afterwards, Lee Se-young and Yoo Kyung-taek held a press conference to explain the controversy over recruitment corruption.

Kim Young-chae reported that Baek Young-soo was Robinson, and interviewed Gil Chang-ju (Lee Yong-woo) again, apologizing for any mistakes in the editorial process. Gil Chang-joo said, “I can join the active duty after this season. I will join the active duty only this season. The problem of recovering my nationality after only one season was the part that I talked with Baek Seung-soo.” However, Baek Seung-soo was a problem not know.

Lee Se-young told Baek Seung-soo whether Gil Chang-ju had chosen not only for his family but also for Baek Seung-soo. Lee Se-young asked, “Chillly, the player only goes to the army late. Come back to the team rather than feeling guilty.”

In the end, Baek Seung-soo said he would return to Kwon Kyung-min. Kwon Kyung-min said, “But I’m calling to restore the chairman. But I’ll refuse the order of the chairman for the first time in my life. I’m proud of myself,” Baek Seung-soo returned to Dreams. Baek Seung-soo said that he would not celebrate the return, but asked Lee Se-young, “Thank you.”

Back Seung-soo returned and Kwon Kyung-min looked good. Baek Seung-soo said, “You are stupid than Baek Seung-soo. It was because Baek Seung-soo wrote a contract to voluntarily resign on the opening day. Baek Seung-soo visited Gil Chang-ju and asked why he made such a choice. When Gil Chang-ju asked her to hug her, Baek shed tears with her. Baek Seung-soo, who lost his child in the past, cried sadly, “Can someone like me hug my child?”

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