Heewon’s home atmosphere has returned to the center of Heewon, the old man. The parents were careful to wake up Hee-won and ate with the son at the time when he woke up. At the dining table, Choi Jung-won said, “Homework is coming in the future.”

My son Yun Hee-won started studying after eating. I wondered if I was really studying, but Choi sent her husband to Heewon’s room who followed me better than he did. However, after 30 minutes of studying, my son was lying in bed and Dad failed to continue the conversation.

Yoon Hee-won received a math tutor. The reason for choosing tutoring instead of academy says, “Academic academy gathers several students in one class and keeps up with the progress of the kids who follow them well. I often do not understand the lessons.” Explained that it is better suited to learning.

In fact, Choi Jung-won used to travel together with his private education expenses. He said, “Even when I was in elementary school, I had a lot of extracurricular expenses. I thought that when I was in school, I could memorize the subjects, review them for 6 years and do good deeds, and collect the money and go on a trip. Said.

After seeing Yun Hee-won’s routine, experts compared the entrance examination to the Olympics. They said, “It is common for students to prepare for their midterms and prepare for SAT during vacations.” “Park Tae-hwan is concentrating only on freestyle. It’s hard, it’s even harder. There are over 200 colleges. I need to sort out colleges I can go to and colleges I don’t have, and then focus on them. ”

In addition, the expert said, “My God starts from the first semester. All students start from my own. After the first grade, my 40% end. I can decide whether or not I can use my God.” Explained.

Hee-won, who had dreamed of going to photography department in the past, only told the crew that he had made a career in fashion. Hee-won has frankly confessed, “There are many people who are not successful in college. I want to study more than studying.” Choi Jung-won couple was shocked.

Admission experts said, “Our country has the highest rate of college entrance in the world. The overall social infrastructure is made up of forged university graduates. There are many opportunities to enter university. did.

Moreover, the psychological test showed that Hee-won was undermined. In particular, the parental interference index was very high. Choi Jung-won shed tears of regret, saying, “I was a strict mother until she was a junior high school student.

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