In MBC ‘Study Money,’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the afternoon, actor Choi Jung-won starred his son. 

On this day, the daily life of Choi Jung Won family was revealed. His son Hee-won did not seem to listen to his mother, and a test was conducted to find out the root of such attitude. 

Shin Dong-yeop “I think there are things that are frustrating and confusing, so the family took the test together,” said the results of temperament and personality test.

Sohn Jung-sun said, “Intellect is the top 4%. Concentration is good, but the important thing is that concentration is not necessary for studying. Concentration focuses only on things that you like and attention does not like.” Can do it well. ” 

Heewon’s temperament test was the desire for recognition. There was a strong desire to be supported by others. Son Jung-sun said, “These children have the weakness of the hurt.” “I am not vulnerable to positive support and negative words,” he said. 

The garden said that when Hee-won did something well, the garden said “I should do better.” Garden said, “I was afraid that the child would stop because of his pride.” “I should have given a lot of praise then,” he regretted last time. 

Son understood that Hee-won’s concern was that “the more the child wants to be recognized, the more the child is focused on the eye, so he becomes recognized as a follower figure, fashion-like person.” “It suits me to study where others think I’m looking at me.” 

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