Lee Bong-ju and the couple solved the worries about the son ahead of the entrance exam.

On the 29th, MBC’s new concept edu variety ‘Study Money?’ Appeared as the second parent client marathoner Lee Bong-ju and MC Eugene.

The second parent client is the national marathoner Lee Bong-ju. Lee Bong-ju, a couple of high school-age sons, said, “I was shocked by the grade of 10 points lower than the middle school on the first test of high school. But I insist that I will study by myself. I don’t know what this is. “,” Can I go to college with this grade? “

Lee Bong-ju’s wife said of her first son, “I’m a strong son. I think too much.” Woo Suk is an obedient style with no complaints. Woo Seok opened a book before breakfast, but could not concentrate. Lee’s wife, on the other hand, followed everything and took care of it. Experts were surprised to say, “It’s me who can do it alone.”

Woosuk also attended a 30-minute school. “I sent a good school because I was private and had a good university,” she said. I was worried about “don’t share any information. I only know what really matters by myself.”

Woo Seok has no idea about career with an average grade of 3 grades. The couple took Woosuk with him to the bookstore. Woosuk said, “It is a style of improvised purchase of problem books.” Experts recommended the school bus, “It is important to get the information you need by talking with your friends.”

In particular, unlike the parents who want to get help from specialists such as academy and tutoring, Woosuk is worried that he insists on saying, “I can do it alone to my level.” Woo Suk-yi was decisive for the first time, saying, “It’s hard to match my shortcomings with me.” Contrary to the couple’s wish to send to Sungkyunkwan University, experts pointed out that “It’s hard at this time. Roughly without planning, lack of practice,” he advised, “You have to make a study plan.”

Wooseok’s test results were released on that day. Woo Seok, who has the intelligence of the top 1% of IQ135, excels in language understanding, perception, and working memory, while processing speed is low. “The brain does not give time to plan and body processing,” he said, the care of the parents was too great. He also said, “The risk is very high. Attentive and timid child.” Lee Bong-ju surprised her couple. In addition, Woo Seok, who is very worried about death, was found to be in a “depressed state with weak self-esteem and contraction.”

Experts suggested that “giftedness is an unaccomplished gifted person who is not latent and not manifested.”

The second parent client is MC Eugene. Eugene, who wants to find direction, told her about her education. Yujin, who was raised overseas and raised in a free educational atmosphere, requested SOS because she had a lot of trouble because she didn’t want to give her a tight education.

Lo-hee became very sensitive after her brother was born and felt much jealous of her brother. Eugene said, “Rohee is the one who says ‘Lorine is the only one to take care of these days.’ ‘In fact, I really care so much that Lohee feels deprived.’

Eugene naturally spoke English in her play with Lohee. Regarding the question of whether Korean and English simultaneous education is fine, the expert said, “Lohee’s language skills are excellent. In this case, using two languages ​​at the same time can help improve thinking.” In addition, Lohee’s strong and stubborn appearance, the expert added, “Mom must win a lot. It is good to have a losing experience in advance.”

Loi’s test shows IQ 127, the top 3%. All intelligences are better than average, especially language comprehension. However, work memory ability was low. Low attention. The reason is that the problem with the correct answer is wrong, because if you do not seem to be avoided. “I’m worried about failure. I’m sensitive to criticism,” Eugene replied. The expert said, “It’s a born temperament.”

In addition, Eugene could be overly complimentary to Lohee about ‘discipline’. Regarding the strength of discipline, experts said, “It is different for each child. Mom should set discipline standards.”

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