On the 8th TVN entertainment program ‘Sumine side dish’, we invited the main characters of special stories to Seoul branch on the day of Mother’s Day.

On this day, the Sumine side dish opened in Korea after Guam and Japan. Jang Dong-min said, “More than 1,300 Parental Day Special Participation applications have arrived, and I was surprised to say that it is more than 5,000 people.

Kim Soo-mi said, “Those who can not come here are sick.”

Then, the ‘Sumine side dish’ Seoul branch was revealed. The hall, the kitchen, and the stage for special performances were brought up to the expectation.

Kim Su – Mi and his chefs confirmed the shop ‘s appearance and started to select the main menu. Kim Su – Mi set the chef ‘s cooking for each of them and said, “I will not go if I come and taste it.

Kim Soo-mi said, “I will make a basic side dish.” He said, “My mom and dad died too early and I could not eat a piece of rice on my parents’ day so I will take care of it with my heart and I will be more careful than Japan and Guam. I will do it. “

Kim Soo – mi and Jang Dong – min went to the market to buy the side dish ingredients, and the chefs focused on preparing the main dish in the shop kitchen. After the arrival of the market team, four special assistants arrived. Oh Se-yul, Lee Won-il, and B1A4 mountains.

After the preparation of the main dish, Kim Su – mi followed. Kim Su-mi said, “I am delicious, but I have to add red pepper powder,” and said, “I did not shave it again.” I also added praise and advice to other main dishes.

Since then, the opening time has come. In the middle of the line, Jang Dong-min went out directly to greet the guests. The guests were seated at the place where the side dishes were set and prepared the main menu to eat each one.

Following the evaluation of the guests. One guest said, “My daughter asked me to try something really delicious. I really wonder if it is delicious and it is delicious because Sumi Sam is afraid of it.”

On the other hand, Jang Dong-min set out to evoke the atmosphere of the awkward table. It was the table of the story that the father saw the mother’s notice after retirement. Jang Dong-min encouraged the awkward two to feed her food, and her disgruntled mother said, “I have never done it before, even after getting married.”

Kim Soo – mi and the chef ‘s corps rang the bell and appeared in the hall. Kim Soo-mi said, “I prepared a special side dish.” My parents’ side delivered a special side dish to each table. The guests were all thrilled and enjoyed the special dinner.

Since then special guests have arrived. Songhae, Song Dae-gwan, and Gurina. Song Hae introduced the singer, “I had a daughter that I hid,” and said she was keeping the same relationship between me and her father. Song Hae and Yoo My special duet stage impressed and tears the guests.

Finally, the last team came in. As the guests with their special stories enjoyed the impressive dinner, Song Tae-gwan made an appearance on the dinner show.

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