Actor Kim Soo – mi and his chefs visited the 50th division of the Chilgok Battalion on TVN ‘Sumine’ side on 19th. This unit is a place for the exploitation of the remains of the Korean war dead who have not returned to their families.

On the same day, Kim Soo-mi said, “I will never forget my 6.25” and go to the army. All the chefs turned into lunch rides and gathered in front of the 50th Division of Chilgok Battalion. Kim Soo-mi said, “We are going to have a delicious lunch for them.”

Kim Soo – mi prepared for the biggest lunch box in broadcasting history. A special lunch menu for 150 servicemen was made in three hours with specially selected side dishes for soldiers.

Kim Soo-mi first developed a rice burger and Kim Soo-cake (Kim malai, sausage, rice cake) with a new ‘Army Ria’ menu in 2019. Kim Soo – mi praised the chef ‘s hamburger and changed the recipe, saying, “I will roast the kimchi because I get too much water from kimchi.” Kim Soo – Mi ‘s steak consisted of rice, steak patty, a piece of cheese, and stir – fried rice.

In particular, the new guest group Everglow, who debuted in March, attracted attention as the guest. Kim Su-mi asked, “Sweetheart, can you help me?” Everglow said, “I will do your best.” Everglow was responsible for egg crackling and kimchi rice cake. They were not satisfied with the food, but they seemed to be doing their best.

After the lunch was completed, the three members of Jang Dong-min and Everglow participated in the delivery of 150 servings of rice with burger, kimchi, and slush to 559 meters above sea level. They had to climb to the top of the mountain, sweating sweating. Afterwards, the soldiers who were put into operation began gathering at the dining area. The soldiers cheered at the arrival of the girl group Everglades.

Jang said to his soldiers, “I prepared a rice burger with a lot of meat, not just a dough, but a rice cake with a smile on my face. The feeding began, and the soldiers stood in line and packed their lunch boxes. At the top of the mountain, the soldiers were amazed at the lunch box of Kim Su – Mi, like the taste of honey. Jang Dong-min said, “Please come and eat more.”

In the military units, Kim Su – Mi served with praise. There was not much to eat in the army. That’s why Bob Burger was so special. The soldiers enjoyed the happiness of eating delicious food, saying, “It seems to eat thick meat for a long time”, “When you get this from the army”, “It seems to be a dream”.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-mi’s cooking class was held to solve the anxieties of the kitchen workers. In the meantime, the chiefs wanted to make a great jongrim. However, it was not possible to create a large-scale forestry system using foodstuffs that had been delivered to generations. Kim Soo-mi opened a class of “pork mushroom jangjorim” which is a salty rice dish that steals the taste of soldiers. However, Kim Su-mi was laughed at before the class, receiving an oath from the soldiers, saying, “I listen to my orders and do not reveal even a little violence.”

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