Kim Soo Mi completed the soup of memorabilia as well as Sukdobu stew and Daepa kimchi.

Norazo Jovin appeared as a guest on tvN ‘Sumine side dish’ broadcast on 27th. As soon as Kim Su – mi meets Jonben, he said, “I saw it on TV.” Kim Su-mi especially touched Jovin’s costume and admired “the color is beautiful”.

Kim Su-mi also said to Jovan, “Are you married?” “Because I was worried about how to see my father if I had a baby.”

Kim Soo-mi asked, “Do you want to perform in other places than TV,” and Jon said, “If you sing, you go anywhere and sing.” “An unusual event was the Amethyst Cave Festival.

Kim Soo – mi went on to make his first dish with Jovan. The first dish to make on this day was Sunda-bushi stew, which is an extraordinary taste. If the pack is full again, put the clam in the liver and boil it. In addition, he put boiled bean sprouts, red pepper, and prawns, and boiled them quickly. Jovin was impressed after tasting Kim Soo Mi’s sundae stew.


After completing the Sundae stew, Kim said, “I will make a big kimchi in 5 minutes.” When Kim Sung-mi appeared as a guest, Kim Soo-mi had brought a big-leaved kimchi at home. It was a surprise for everyone. At that time, Choi Hyun-suk said, “I’ll have to learn Daepa Kimchi next time.”

“I’ve heard that there is a kimchi, but I have never eaten it,” said Jovin. Choi said, “You have to be careful to be a lion kimchi. You can not stop it if you eat it once.” Chang Dongmin said, “It is a completely different taste from the side dishes.”

Jon said, “I am fresh,” he said. Myeong-rae said, “Dae-par kimchi is not spicy and sweet.” After that, I had a meal time with a spoon cooked with a spoonful of Kimchi.

After the meal, stir-fried potatoes. Kim Su-mi said, “In my house, I put something in stir-fried potatoes.” The special ingredient Kim Su – Mi mentioned was canned ham. I did not stop here. On that day, Kim and his chefs set out to make memories of old lunches from stir-fried kimchi to pink sausage. A gemstone ring was supposed to be given as a commodity for the person who made the oldest lunch the most beautiful.

First, Mikael’s old lunch box was revealed. Michael put him in a sausage dip and scramble. Choi said, “I focused on shaking.” Kim Soo – mi opened a lunch box called ‘Love’ with ketchup on the egg. I was attracted to the show because it showed a composition of a lunch box which can be shaken to eat. Jang Dong – min and Jovin ‘s best lunches were the lunch boxes of Kim Soo – mi.

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