Don Spike has also made a theme song for ‘Sumine’ side dish.

In the TVN ‘Sumine side dish’ broadcast on the 22nd, Kim Su – mi introduced the guest as “great one”. The guest is Don Spike. Don Spike is the rising star of the food system.

Kim Su – mi said, “I thought I was actually a sportsman, but I was writing music,” and said, “It does not sound like a musician at all.” “I’m surprised that this person is friendly,” he praised.

Kim Soo – mi and Don Spike have been involved in other broadcast programs. Don Spike is invited to the house of Kim Soo Mi to eat. Don Spike recalls, “The food was so delicious, I just felt a bit sick.” Kim Soo-mi laughed, “I like the person who eats rice best.” 

Kim Soo – mi made Dorotum – mook rice with Don Spike as the first dish. Kim Soo-mi was planning to put a pack of soup first and worry about the broth. After pouring 1L of water, add onions to flesh in broth. Kim Soo-mi explained, “The acorns are a bit rough, and if you put onions, you can save the sweetness of the broth.”

Kim Su-mi, then, shook the cucumber and told Don Spike, “I have a question for composers, where do I get inspiration from them?” “I go there a lot and go to the place I did not go and try the food I have not eaten,” said Don Spike. Jang Dong-min said, “Is not it inspiring to see beautiful scenery?”

During the boiling of the broth, I also had a meal. Don Spike showed off his skill in solving the eggs before putting the eggs. In addition, he gave a quiet call to Kim Soo-mi’s request. The room was simple. Mix the flour and the dough powder, then dip it in the doritomo mushrooms, put on the egg clothes, and put it on the pan.

Kim Soo – mi, with Don Spike, tasted Dae – kyung, Dae – seok, and Mokael chef ‘s doritomum rice. Don Spike was impressed by his sister-in-law’s work, “It’s like what my mother gave me. It’s delicious.” Choi Hyun-seok’s chef also suited the taste of Don Spike.

Mikael made Doromori-mushi sushi and embarrassed Kim Soo-mi. But unexpectedly, he snatched Kim Soo – mi ‘s taste, and the taste was also good. Don Spike also said, “It’s surprisingly fine.” The taste of the broth made by Michael was also good.

The second side dish was squid sauteed. I usually eat squid cuttlefish, but on this day I was going to spice it up like spicy octopus. Kim Soo-mi separated the internal organs and bones and trimmed the cuttlefish. At that time Kim Su – mi asked Don Spike to play the piano. 

In addition to this, Kim Su-mi also proposed to Don Spike to compose the theme song ‘Sumin side dish’. Kim Soo-mi said, “Please write down the subject song of the ‘Sumine side dish’ I think of my mother,” and “I should not be so sad and say ballad, but with longing, remind me of my mother.” Don Spike was immediately impressed with his beautiful piano performance.

Kim Su – mi completed the zucchini kochujang stew with the help of Don Spike. The spicy taste captivated everyone’s appetite. We could taste new dishes of chefs. Mikael made a Bulgarian baguette with zucchini and acorns. Hee-gyeong was a Chinese-style squid stir-fry, and Choi Hyun-seok made a cuttlefish calypso-radish cold pasta.

Don Spike said, “It is a program that I wanted to come out too much. It is a great pleasure to be able to eat five meals in four hours.”

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