The TVN ‘SuMine side dish’ broadcasted on the 13th was a special feature of Guam, and it was made public with a specially prepared side dish that will fill the ‘belly’ and heart of the Koreans who will miss Korea using the ingredients available in Guam.

The first dish Kim Soo – mi introduced to the residents of the city was the spicy stir – fried squid. Cut the jukumi that has been cleaned with coarse salt, and make a marinade. 3 tablespoons of brewed soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of red pepper paste, 6 small red pepper powder, chopped garlic, chopped ginger, and pepper.

After that, prepare green pepper, 2 red peppers and 2 red peppers. Add the vegetables and jukumi to the sauce. The point is to put 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Kim Soo-mi said, “It is better to leave it in the house for 20 minutes after leaving it in the spice, and to make the lacking liver a coarse salt.” “Never put oil.

The finished stir – fried noodles served the people immediately. The people who tasted the finished jukipo fried quickly empty the bowl. Kim Sue-mi and chefs, as well as the Korean people, fell in love with the taste of Somen noodles with stir-fried noodles.

We have also made a recipe for grilled sardine soup, which is made with eggs and sauteed sardines, and a recipe for grilled sardine miso soup.

Now this is the season of steel. After that, the roasted roasted roasted roast was completed, and the roasted roasted roasted roasted roasted everyone.

Kim Soo-mi admits, “I have to taste it first.” “I have been pregnant for nine months, and the eggs are alive. Also, Mikael, who first met Dorumuk, was satisfied with the “real texture”.

Miso miso puts a handful of miso in the seirakae and sticks. Put garlic cloves, Cheongyang red pepper, red pepper, safflower and sesame oil. At this time, Kim Su-mi said, “If you put miso on Sake, taste is definitely different.”

Syragi miso soup is made by putting miso in Siragia and brewing well, then adding onion, red pepper and Cheongyang red pepper and chopped garlic and boiling.

Afterwards, Kim Su – Mi served the finished food, and

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