Kim Soo-mi presented the cucumber beef stew with cucumbers and bean curd and the omelet with roasted meat.

As a guest on the TVN ‘Sumine side dish’ broadcast on the 9th, the queen of the golf queen appeared.

Pak said, “I am excited to come out because I want to come out because it is a program to enjoy Sumine side dish.”

Choi said, “When our country was struggling, two people were heroes, Pak and Park.

Kim Su-mi asked, “Is there any restriction on eating ahead of important events?”

Pak said, “There are many times when I do not have enough food when I go abroad, I just want to eat sandwiches or aquatic life, but I want to eat the best in overseas.

Kim Soo-mi said, “If I had known me in the first place, I would have followed everything.”

Pak ranked the soy sauce crab as the side dish that he wanted to eat the most while watching the broadcast. “I wanted to eat chicken broccoli, watching Kimchi Kimchi.”

On that day, Kim Su-mi showed ‘Stewed Dumplings’ as a winter seasonal dish.

Soy sauce, plum liquor, onion, green onions, red pepper powder, pepper, etc. are made into sauce.

Put the finely chopped onion on top of boiled radish. Then pour seasoned vegetables over it. It is finished when you lightly lightly cook the fire and put the pepper.

Kim Soo – mi told Pak, “Now I have to learn to cook, I have to marry.” Pak said, “I think it’s hard to wait for a relationship.”

Stewed mackerel was completed. Pak said, “It is very delicious.” Mikael was also surprised that “there is no miracle of fish.”

Secondly, the side dishes are red pepper paste.

We cut cucumbers to the size enough to enter a bite. Add sesame oil and sesame seeds to the miso. Kim Su – mi said, “It ‘s good to have miso in the hat.”

We ate together with mutton stew and cucumber pepper miso paste. Jang Dong-min said, “You can eat everything with soft bones.

The next dish is rice with side dish and good side dish.

Prepare ingredients such as squid, onion, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, and red pepper.

Kochujang red pepper powder Sugar plum liquor Brewed soy sauce vinegar sesame garlic ginger etc. prepare sauce. You can just put the trimmed vegetables in here.

Kim Soo – mi said, “If you stay for 5 minutes to 10 minutes, it will be more delicious in vegetables.” “We can boldly put the vinegar for a sweet and sour taste,” he explained.

The last dish on this day was oden-roasted meat. Pak decided to learn it by hand.

Prepare a thin pork belly. It will trim the squid.

Jang Dong-min, seeing Pak Se-ri’s cooking, said,

Onion carrots, Cheongyang pepper, red pepper, etc. Red pepper powder Gochujang pepper brew Soy sauce Prepare marinade with ginger garlic. Separate the pork belly and squid each with the sauce. When the pork belly is ripe to some extent, put squid into pan and fry together. Finish with sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Pak Se-ri’s roast meat taste. Kim Soo-mi said, “What’s the matter with you? I did it really well.” Then he said, “Michael, only six months,” and laughed.

Kim Soo – mi has been eating grilled meat with bulgogi and he was satisfied that “this is really a hit and there is not much money”

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