In the TVN ‘Sumine side dish’ broadcasted on the 5th, Kim Jun-hyun, Kim Min-gyeong, and Yim Min-sang appeared and they tasted herb seeds, 

This is the first anniversary of Sumine. Kim Soo – mi said, “I am grateful that I have not been able to change my performances yet, and I am very grateful that I have not been able to do so. I am ready to cook straight away. 

Kim Soo – mi introduced the guests Kim Jun – hyun, Kim Min – kyung, and Yoo Min – sang. Kim Soo-mi was the first to appear when Kim Jun-hyun first appeared. 

As soon as they appeared, the three people spread the noodles of the feast, the roasted rice and the ssambab. Kim Jun – hyun asked Kim Su – Mi to say, “Sorry teacher but please give me a little speed” when the bowl goes empty. In the end, Kim Su-mi said, “Let’s rest for a while.” 

Followed by ‘Deuce 101’. A total of 187 dishes were presented in the ‘Sumine side dish’ for the past year. 101 of them were selected, and three of the guests decided to choose the side dish they wanted to eat. The selected side dishes were herbs, pork chops, stews, and group meals. 

The chefs went straight to the guests’ request. The three people ate side dishes at the side of chefs while they were cooking. Especially, the roasted roasted beans scored their taste buds. Kim Min-kyung, after giving food to Mikael, a baker in charge of baking roast, roasted roasted roast pork. 

The challenge of the “bite-in-the-mouth” of the ‘Sumine side dish’ family also continued. Bibimbap made from herbs and herbs stimulate the salivary glands. Especially Kim Soo – mi said, “How big is my mouth, I like too much rice, and I was so impressed by the guests. 

Kim Jun-hyun, who saw this, said, “I do not think that the real score is getting worse, it’s expanding, I did not know when I was outside.” 

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