Stern ‘s new song’ Noir ‘is a song that was musically twisted by a genre cliche represented by’ Noor mood ‘. In addition, in the French language ‘black’, which means ‘black’, ‘noir’ is expressed in various colors of images, music and images through different interpretation and expression, It is meaningful because it is a crystal that can feel true face.

Music videos are especially impressive. Good, subscribed, and obsessed with followers. This is a realistic representation of the modern people who became “attention seekers” who are self-seeking and who are interested in others.

Sometimes, the theme that can be uncomfortable, which is sometimes negatively due to excessive interest desires, is expressed in a music video of a joyful and unimpressive visual beauty.’Noir’ is a new song written by Stern and co-written by producer EL CAPITXN and Stern. It contained the delicate and unique feeling of Stern.

It is also an electronic retro dance song with a combination of dreamy synths, a disco drum and a trendy 808 bass. It also has a different charm than the image that Stern has shown through ‘Kashina’, ‘The main character’ and ‘Siren’ .

Among them, the atmosphere of Noir is buried in the lyrics like “The first thing to do is cliché / hagin and nothing else” / “It is better” or “Bad ending”.

Stern new song ‘Noir’ title … Direct composition – lyric participation

On March 4, Stern announced the song title and credits.

Stern will release ‘Noir’, the title of the new song, which will be released at 6 pm on March 4, and ‘Title Teaser’, which will give credit information.

On June 26, MakeSouth Entertainment posted a new title song titled “Noir,” a new title song from Stern through the official SNS channel. In the “Title Teaser”, a heart symbol filled with red lights and an image of a flame sparkling over the hand symbolized by heart symbols are attracting attention.

The album is also expected to be released with the release of the song ‘Noir’ and the credits that Stern wrote and co-wrote with composer EL CAPITXN. After the full-fledged solo activity, the release of Stern’s new song ‘Noir’, which has been loved for its soundtracks, is attracting attention not only to fans but also to the masses and musicians.

Stern has released the first single ‘Kasina’ in August 2017 after transferring to the agency and succeeded in box office. In January, 2018, it proved once again as a single ‘hero’.

The title song “Siren” of the mini album ‘WARNING (Warnings)’ released in September last year has recorded the perfect allure which records all real time / day / week / chart of all music charts. He has also won six awards for music broadcasts, and has recorded a unique record as a female solo artist.

In particular, Stern is the first area of ​​the first world tour ‘2019 Stern The 1st World Tour [WARNING]’. It is the first of the four concert cities in North America including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Calgary, Sold out and collected topics. Other areas are also showing signs of a sell-off and Mexico is proving to be a hot addition to the region.

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