The first showdown is Kevin O’Toam vs. Gyro Team. Jeon Hyun-moo introduced the gyro team, saying, “Lee Ji-young is a passionate drummer who has turned his face into a fluorescent stick, like a super-band official miracle maniac frontman gyro, and Carmelaon who transforms every round.

“I have a reason to say that I am counting from the first showdown, and I feel like I’m already in the finals, and one of them will be defeated, and I will be the first candidate to be eliminated.”

Kevin says, “We are not.” And Gyro also said, “It is not us.” “We do not have a draw, and one of the two teams is an unconditional elimination,” Jeon said.

Kevin O Tim selected Beyonce’s ‘Halo’. Beyonce’s world-renowned pop star, the lyrics to the noble love are impressive. 

Kevin O’Reilly said, “I arranged for an electric rock, not a ballad.” Kevin O’Reim said, “We can not absolutely win.”

Kevin, who played acoustic music, showed a new stage by electing Nomad, who plays electronic music, as a member. 

Judge Yoon Jong-shin said, “I listened well and it was a good arrangement.” Kevin O, who did not listen to the guitar but listened to Mike, was also stylish and cool. ‘I think that the sound of the common sense line did not come out compared to the expectation that it showed that it was disappointing.

Johan said, “I like collaboration and experimentation with the intent of this program, and the dynamics I see here are good, especially with Kevin’s anticipated expectations, and today’s experimental endeavor was great. I think it needs red pepper powder for bibimbap. ” 

Kim Jong-wan said, “In the case of Kang Kyung-yun, I did not keep up with Kevin O. It was a stage that understood exactly why I did it. It seems to be a drummer who plays music that exactly matches the intention of the arranger. I would like to go on, “he said.

Gyro said, “I prepared a weapon of the spleen to win Mangang Kevin O. Drum performance, slow motion, etc. It seems to be confirmed on the stage,” and “I will turn the stage in the performance as if it is the last time.” .

Jeon Hyun-moo said, “The Gyro team chose Sucker from Jonas Brothers, a hot song that is currently competing against the Bullet-proof Boys on Billboard. ‘Sucker’ is a song by Jonas Brothers, a three-member group that has been re-assembled in six years. It is an exciting rhythm pop genre. 

When the enthusiastic stage of the gyro team is over, Yoon Jong-shin says, “I think Jonas Brothers is going to call and I will upload this video to the INSTA.” I have two vocals with a completely different personality, There are so many different kinds of music that you can do, you can refer to those who want to play the band. This part is also important, the arrangements are so good, the two runners in the middle can seem clumsy to play drums, but not one, it was a great and popular stage with great fun.

Kim Jong-wan said, “I was successful in the dynamic part. I think that Gyro is a very good musician and I am looking forward to the next stage, “he said. 

As a result of the evaluation by the committee, the gyro team won the win and confirmed the next round. All five producers chose the gyro team and recorded ‘All Gyro’. Kevin O. Tim is a candidate to be eliminated. 

Kevin O’Rourke said, “I did not know that it would fall to 5 to 0. I was actually very confused, sorry and embarrassed, but I feel very angry with myself. I confessed my heart. 

The second rivals are the Isle team vs Wu team. 

Islip Team (Isle, Kim Hyung-woo, Ha Jin-ho Hong) selected ‘1000x’ and vowed to win with all the confidence. ‘1000x’ is an electro pop style song released in 2016 by Australian singer-songwriter Reid James. 

He said, “I was a bit puzzled from the start, and when I was preparing for the stage with my brothers, I wanted to prepare as if it was the last time.” 

Yoon Jong Shin said, “Among the songs I listened to in ‘Super Band’, the sentiment line was the best song I ever heard. Even though the song was not a song OST, I saw that the younger character ran in the second half of the growth movie. The song was not so fast, but I could feel the heartbeat and the phenomenon grew through this contest. “In the past, I was nervous about playing guitar, but today it was stable.” 

Kim Jong – wan also praised the Isle team ‘s stage including the phenomenon. “I’m really good at bass,” I was surprised. 

In Woo Team (Ina Woo, Kim Youngsoo, Kim Woo Sung) practiced ‘Home’ by Park Hyo Shin. ‘Home’ is a song about the journey of hope that people who are lost and wandering return home. 

The Ina Woo team, who has lived in a different place, has revealed the reason why he chose “The warmth of the person and the family seem to have been missed.

Yoon Jong-shin said, “It was very good and I got the feeling that it was suitable for the meaning of the lyrics.And music is rhythm.It is not rhythm like the metronome knife.It is important to have my own rhythm.But Woo- “I do not want to be conscious of it on the stage, but it is good to be exposed.” Other than that, the serious look of this stage was good.

Kim Jong-wan said, “I felt a bit sad that the dynamics of the two instruments were slightly buried in the vocals, not that the vocals were not strong, but a little more to the other instruments than the vocals. It seems, “he explained.

“I was hoping Kim Woo-sung challenged me to sing for the first time, but I still expected it to be a song in Korean, but the guitar and the piano went naturally to the solo, and I really wanted to make a lot of effort to make harmony. “He said.

The Isle team won the unanimous 5-0 win over the Inuyu team, and advanced to the next round. I was touched during the interview with the production crew.

The third rivals in the competition were Deepol vs. Choi Youngjin.

The Deep team (Hyundai Im Hyung Bin, Dong Dong Beom) selected the OST of the movie “Ghostbusters” and arranged for the team. It is a dance rock song that unfolds an occult theme in a light manner in accordance with the content of the movie “Ghost Extermination.”

Yoon Jong Shin said, “I did not have a singing vocal, but I wanted to do it because I did not want to sing it. It was a standout stage because I did not have a singer. “I think it’s a trademark, but the stage needs to build up the story well, and sometimes it needs to be quiet,” Johan said. I understand everything, including composition, storytelling, but I think it would be nice if I could refine it a bit more. “

Choi Young-jin (Choi Young-jin, Lee Chan-soo, Park Chan-Young) set the stage with ‘Say Something’ and captured their ears with sweet vocals and music.

Yoon Jong Shin says, “Chansol’s voice is the best voice among the” super bands. “After the rest of his throat, he attracts more and more charming voice. I had a chance to play with my voice and some musical instruments, but I did not feel that there was any stage, “he said. did. 

Yoon Sang said, “I was looking at Mr. Young Jin most in ‘Super Band’, so I was expecting a lot. I was suspicious, but I created the dynamic that floor tom had to come out of.

As a result of the producer’s vote, Choi Young-jin was overwhelmingly selected as a 5-to-0 player and confirmed the next round.

On the other hand, ‘Super Band’ is a program to find a hidden genius musician and to form a super band to be made with the best combination.

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