JTBC’s “Super Band,” which was broadcast on the 14th night, revealed the stage of 36 finalists to the finals, the final gate to the finals.

Unlike the previous rounds, the 4th round of the finals was a free union mission. A total of nine teams were completed, each with four players. Each team frontman was selected by the members through a meeting.

The first team on the 4-round free-combination mission, determined by the ball drawing method, was Kim Young-Soo, a guitarist, Kim Young-Soo, who went to the front man. The drummer Park Young-jin, Jung Kwang Hyun and cellist Park Chan-yong, Kim Young-Soo, who had an eye-catching combination of unusual members,

The members were worried about the vocal-not-to-drum stage, but proceeded to the top of the gold screen. According to Arirang Fantasy, Kim Youngsoo’s own arrangements, the figure of Jang Kwang-Hyun, who was a North Korean performer, directly contributed to the North with a diameter of 1.8m, thus completing the stage beyond imagination.

Yoon Jong-shin said, “I did not listen to it hard but it was experimental. I liked that it was a very good choice.” “I feel it is a concept I created in a difficult situation and I want to applaud it.”

The 4 rounds have changed the way the producers judge. There was a ‘point system’ introduced by the producers in each stage. The producers each scored, and the first team, Kim Young Soo, received a top score of 90 and a minimum score of 75.

The second team was Hwang Min-jae, a drummer Hwang Min-jae who made vocalist Kim Woo-sung, bass Kim Ha-jin and guitarist Park Ji-hwan as front man. Hwang Min-jae, who made everything from organizing the team to the practice, gave DNCE’s ‘Cake By The Ocean’ a selection and presented the exciting and trendy stage with ‘Madness’ as a weapon of the spleen.

However, the producers who saw the stage revealed their regrets. Yoon Jong Shin pointed out the power of vocals, and Yoon Sang said, “It was a great stage for the ‘super band’, but the details were a bit less than usual.” Hwang Min-jae team got 86 points and 75 points at the best, along with uncomfortable judging.

Kim Jung-hyuk, a guitarist, made his debut as a front-runner. The Kim Joong-hyup team prepared an emotional stage where vocals Yi Chansol’s voice was used as a weapon. Ben Foulz’s ‘Still Fighting It’ was chosen by drummers Kang Kyung-yoon and Kim Jung-hyuk and Im Hyung-bin, who usually played guitar, played bass and piano, respectively.

After the stage was over, Yoon Jong-shin said, “I was impressed, I was very emotional, I know what I’m talking about, and I’m impressed by the song.” “What I want to praise this team is exactly what this song means All the parts were all right. ” Especially, I listened to the voice of Yi Chansool without a word. Yoon Jong-shin tried to continue the evaluation, but he blinked as if he had not been able to speak. He said, “I heard this song for the first time, but I thought it was a bit like my son. In the meantime, “It is not like watching drama or movie, but even if it is not a different story, I think it is the power of music when I put it in the melody. It was a wonderful stage.” As a result, Kim Jonghyup received the highest score of 95 and the lowest score of 89.

The fourth stage was a pianist or a front man. Hong Isaac and Kevin Oh, guitarist Yang Ji Wan who can produce with two main vocals, and Inowoo team showed their sweet and powerful stage with their own song ‘together with you’.

Kim Jong-wan said, “It was very good that it was an own song, and it is difficult because it is short time to play together, so it is better when you play your own song in a harder situation, because it is very nice and good idea to show our music and talk about it. It was good, “he praised.

However, Yoon Sang said, “If Hong Isaac and Kevin O is a team together, expectation will rise without a doubt. I think that the round should be bigger than the musical one in the worry about the lyrics. I do not think there is any difference in the authenticity of the song, but when I compared it with the performances I have shown so far, it was a stage where I felt sorry for myself personally. ” The Ina Wu team got a maximum score of 90 and a minimum score of 78.

The next stage was bassist Kim Hyung-woo, vocal isle and bottom phenomenon, and cellist bottom phenomenon, which already formed a team once in the last three rounds. This time, Kim Hyung-woo came out as a front man, and they selected Radiohead’s famous song ‘Creep’. Although it was very popular because of its famous music, Kim Hyung-Woo team played with jazz contrabass as a weapon of the spleen.

The producers’ evaluations were divided. Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Jong Wan revealed their regret for their selection. Yoon Jong Shin says, “The threshold of the original song is too high to be accepted as another version of ‘Creep’.” But Johan said, “I think it is a great selection, and the balance of all the parts is very good for me.” “It was so good when I was high in the heaviness, and it came to my heart. I think I know well whether to combine. ” Johan scored a high of 98 on this stage, and Kim gave a score of 82, the lowest score.

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