In the SBS ‘Super M The Beginning’, which aired on the 25th, Super M’s entry into the US was revealed. 

Super M is K-POP Avengers composed of SHINee Taemin, Exo Baekhyun Kai, and NCT Taeyong Mark Lucas Ten. 

They debuted a total of eight charts, including the # 1 billboard on the US debut album, to show the power of K-pop. 

Ten said, “I wanted to know if it was real. I thought it was a joke, ”said Mark.“ I felt like a ‘transformer’ from my appearance. ” 

“I was inspired by the artists in the North American market and wanted to go there. When I heard that I was going to North America professionally, ‘Is it going out now? I’m finally going out. ‘ 

Taemin, who has been with SuperM for the first time, said, “I heard about being a SuperM first and exchanged opinions about which team to build. I wouldn’t want to be short-lived. I wished it would go on all the time. ” 

SuperM members visited LA ahead of the US debut showcase. Beverly Hills accommodation is luxurious with a swimming pool. The members screamed for happiness. 

The practice room was also very well equipped. During the meal, SuperM members exchanged their passion for choreography. 

The first official schedule is the visible radio. Kai said, “I loved talking with radio, so if I had been in Korea, I would never be nervous. This is a schedule you can enjoy comfortably. But I was nervous when I came to America. ” 

After digesting the interview in fluent English, “I have studied English before. Studying grammar in writing and saying it was different. In fact, it is wrong. ” 

The press conference was followed by Lee Soo-man, CEO of SM Entertainment. “We want to take K-Pop to the next level as a K-Pop pioneer. Please stay tuned. ” 

Seeing Isuman who accompanied the rehearsal, Taemin said, “You saw yourself on stage and the teacher was very nervous. Expectations are high. I felt that I felt similar to us. ” 

In return, SuperM heated the showcase with passion. A brilliant start for K-Pop leap. The pioneer path began. 

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