The first issue of the day was the Girls’ Generation ‘Echo’. Earlier, In Sung expressed confidence that “Girls’ Generation and Idol songs can be 100% matched.” The members said, “Is the production team going to the front?” But Inseong said, “I heard the melody,” I was weak in the lyrics and laughed.

Lowe laughed, saying, “I have some bluffs.” However, from the first question on that day, he was the one-shot protagonist with the dictation closest to the answer.

The members got the right answer in the second round and succeeded in eating Kokbi Bibimbap.

Snack time is a quiz, ‘I see your title’ drama issue. It was done by watching the drama poster and correcting the title.

At this time, when In-sung and Song Hye-kyo appeared on the poster, Inseong shouted, “The wind, winter is blowing.” The members laughed loudly at Inseong’s wrong answer, but Inseong was confused why he was wrong. Kim Dong-hyun, who saw it, said, “I understand.”

The second problem was hockey balloons released by Hockey’s 2nd album ‘Hockee World’ in 2009.

The members sighed to understand why the difficulty of Girls’ Generation ‘Echo’, which appeared as the first problem, was low. Hockey songs have been asked many times, making the members hard. The boom embarrassed the members by saying, “Difficulty is the prize of the prize.”

Again, the answer was not easy. The members discussed and worked hard to complete the dictation. Eventually, the members succeeded in the second attempt and the members succeeded in acquiring Gal Nak-tang.

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