At first glance, you can think of ‘other children’s entertainment’, but instead of the stimulus seasoning, I used a hidden card called MC. It is broadcaster Kim Kook-jin and Park Ji-eun of the last year golf festival.

Kim Kuk-jin was one of the gods for ‘Swing Kids’. Kim Kuk-jin, who was prominent in broadcasting with children in entertainment such as SBS’s Taiyaki, and once aspired to be a professional golfer, seemed to be the perfect MC for ‘swing kids’ where ‘kids’ played ‘golf’.

Another dragon dragon peak was starring Park Ji-eun. ‘Swing Kids’ became a hot topic with former professional golfer Park Ji-eun, a former golf empress and a mother who raises children. Kim Kuk-jin and Park Ji-eun have a perfect assortment as if they were born for ‘Swing Kids’.

The faces of children, the main characters of the swing kids, are also interesting. The six swing kids, who are also the title of ‘Swing Kids’, were selected based on Park Ji-eun’s standards of wishing to be a child who loves golf and is full of enthusiasm and passion. Cute and mischievous youngest 7-year-old Choi, Hwi-chan, Lee Suk-chan, 10-year-old golf student, Isol, ace who received a reputation as a “cute and shy but passionate. Superstar” literally from Park Ji-eun. Six children, including 12-year-old Koo Bon-seo and 13-year-old Song Gia, who appeared on MBC ‘Where’s Dad’ with his father Song Jong-guk, got a lot of attention. Except for the common denominator of golf, the children from 7 years old to preschoolers, 13 years old, Song Gia, had various ages and diverse personalities.


Infant-centered entertainment has long been a broadcaster’s study. Just because they capture the cuteness of children on the camera, so-called ‘pictures’ come out, and the peculiarity of their age gives unexpected laughter. KBS ‘Superman is back’ benchmarks ‘Daddy’s where’ after MBC’s “ Where’s Dad’s ” hit, and has maintained high ratings so far, and SBS’s “ Oh My Baby ” followed and many entertainments This was broadcast.

Recently, some of the infant arts that were newly started advocated healing arts with boredness without stimulation, but they seemed to be in the shape of ‘killing’ themselves rather than being healed by the self-controversy that stimulation and fun were not caused by fresh format replays.

‘Swing Kids’ overcame the boredom with the freshness of the material itself through the combination of children’s material, golf, and MC. ‘Swing Kids’ is another kind of infant entertainment that can’t be easily missed. It is said to have enough elements to appeal to viewers with arms crossed. There is one thing more certain. What did not last for a long time was that it was not the fault of the material, but the fact that the material was released uncomfortably. 

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