In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Taebaek to Geumgang-The Wrestling of Wrestling’ aired on the afternoon of July 7, the players who expected a new revival of wrestling were shown.

On this day, Lee Man-gi, Kim Seong-ju, and Boom appeared as commentators, hoping for a new revival of wrestling. The rival competitions by weight – “Geumgang Pyeon by Weight” were shown following the “Taebaek Fight by Weight” of the 1st Taegeukjang Wrestling Competition.

As the game progressed as a big team consisting of Taebaek (80kg) and Geumgang (90kg) players, they showed brilliant skill wrestling and surprised commentaries such as Lee Man-gi. For the Keumgang game, Lee Man-ki said, “Kumgang is magnificent. You can expect a long-term battle.”

The game between Choi Jung-man and Lim Tae-hyuk was held. Choi Jung-man was a player specializing in catching. Hwang Hee-chan, the player, admired the differentiated technology, saying, “I think it’s different from others.”

Lim Tae-hyuk was a player who made use of the unique technique of the back thigh. The director laughed, “This is a very dangerous technology, and I think it’s innate.

Lim Tae-hyuk attempted a brilliant back-to-back barn, but Choi Jung-man, who came out of it, responded appropriately and won a 2: 0 victory through two consecutive wins. Particularly in the second game, he showed off his specialty, Japchae, to provide a highlight.

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