On June 26, a production presentation of ‘Monthly Yun Jong Shin X Beanpole’ music project was held at Stadium in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Taeyeon will release the ‘Chuncheon train’ which was announced in 1989 through remodeling in May.

Taeyeon said, “Thanks to Yoon Jong Shin, I am fortunate to have a good place with good people.”

Taeyeon is 1989 and this year is 30 years old. She said, “I thought I would have to manage my body well in order to sing hard in the future. It is different from the dance when I was in Girls’ Generation.

Yoon Jong Shin said, “It is thirty to start to really rip off, and from that time on, it is more real than the beginning of the twenties. Praised.

Taeyeon said, “In fact, I am confused nowadays, I felt something different from what I thought when I was younger.I would like to know what the correct answer is.And I have the courage to listen to Yun Jong Shin.

Taeyeon is said to be the first singer who decided to participate in the ‘Now Thirty’ project.

Taeyeon said, “It is a very good opportunity. I shared my reason with the seniors who liked me, and I decided to participate because I had the meaning of ‘1989’.

Yoon Jong Shin said, “Tae Yeon, Jang Bumjoon, and Urbanja Kappa are all mainstream musicians, but there will be times when it will be good or not. So I will suggest ways to go to juniors with joy. I do not think it reflects well enough to be seen. ”

Taeyeon debuted as a solo singer in 2015 and is presenting various music. And recently released ‘Four Seasons’ was the top of the charts.

Taeyeon said, “I’m still looking for myself.” As I said before, I’m confused, I meet some songs, I think about how I look, etc. I do not know how I look at myself. I am curious about ‘what I see others’ and I am curious. ”

“I do not really care about numbers, but I like it because the fans like it, so I’m confused again.” I will go to my future, so I do not have any restrictions on the genre. ”

On the other hand, creator Yoon Jong Shin, who is engaged in various cultural activities, continues new challenges based on his interest and passion for various cultural areas such as music, art, literature, image, fashion, etc. through his monthly cultural platform ‘Yun Jong Shin’.

Yoon Jong-shin, who became a musician for the 30th year this year, launched the music project ‘Now Now’.

The ‘Now Thirty’ project was designed with the message that Yoon Jong Shin and Bean Pole for the month, each of them who met ’30’, will run for a better future.

In the form of a separate annex to the Monthly Yoon Jong Shin, which released a new song every month, the song of 1989 was played by the artists Jang Bum Joon (April), Tae Yeon (May), and Urban Jakpa (June) I will reinterpret it as. In 1989, the magazines wanted to recreate their memories of giving gifts in the name of a separate supplement in 2019.

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