K-POP Focus, this time we will talk about the number of new girl groups who debuted in 2019.

One of the characteristics of the girl groups that debuted in 2019 was the fact that there were a lot of small group girl groups with less than 6 people.

Since 2014, which is the starting point of the so-called 3rd generation girl group, it can be compared to how many girl groups have been teamed up with people.

Of course, among the senior groups, there are a lot of small group girl groups of 6 or less, and among them, small teams such as girlfriends, red velvet, Mamamu, and black pink are very active as the main group who lead the current generation.

It is also true that many girl groups made their debut, including TWICE.
(Lovelyz-Women-Girl of the Month-Multiplication Table-Wiki Miki etc.)

It’s a big change compared to the late 2000s and early 2010s when more than 8 multi-player idol groups felt like the exclusives of SM Idols (Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, EXO, etc.).

But for some reason in 2019, it was hard to see a new girl group.

FNC’s new girl group CherryBlet was the only multi-person girl group (10 people) among the teams I had on my debut media showcase in 2019. This cherrylet has also shrunk slightly since the reorganization.

Let’s take a look at some of the teams that debuted in 2019 and attracted attention from K-pop fans.

Ever Glow’s newest girl group Everglow (6 members).

F.E.T’s new girl group Panatics (6 members).

Rhythm girl group Rocket Punch (6 players).

MNH’s new girl band Bandit (5 members).

There is a new girl group of JYP (five).

I can talk about this.

In some cases, I’m a newcomer of a company called a girl group master

Some of them are direct juniors of the best female solo artists (MNH-Bandit, Cheongha).

The subject trainee debuts, and may get word of mouth.
(Everglow: Wang Erun-Kim Si-hyun / Panatics: Kim Do-a / Rocket Punch: Takahashi Jury)

The reasons for this attention are different, but one commonality is that they are all teams of six or fewer.

The only company that catches the eye is JYP and ringing.

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