On the 8th TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Taste of Love We Forgot’, Season 2 (hereafter, ‘Taste of Love 2’), Go Joo-won, Kim Bo-mi, Chun Myung-hoon, Cho Hee-kyung, and Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun came out.

Go Ju Won and Kim Bo Mi made their way to the bazaar. The Bazaar space of 500 pyeong was filled with photographs of two people’s memories, and Bazaar goods such as socks, frames and postcards were located.

Koo Won-won worried about how much space people would find if they didn’t find much. Chun Myung-hoon found two people, greeted them, and took a picture together. Chun Myung-hoon recalled in the studio, “It was actually a real gang. It was like a celebrity.” Kim Bo-mi’s friends also visited and celebrated the bazaar.

Soon, the Bazaar’s entry time was approaching and 200 fans in 10 minutes, 400 in 20 minutes, and nearly 500 fans entered. The production team was surprised, “I was surprised to come too much. I knew at least 100 minutes.” Fans cheered when “Go Pretty” and “Kim Bo Mi” went on stage.

Kim Bo-mi said, “I was very grateful for your interest and support. I was ready to prepare for the bazaar.” The goods prepared by the two sold out quickly and achieved a great success.

Chun Myung-hoon and Cho Hee-kyung walked the streets of Hongdae and talked. Subsequently, he found a busking place, and Chun Myung-hoon was on stage to show off his dance skills. Suddenly, Roh Yoo-min and Kim Seong-su appeared on the stage and danced. In fact, it was prepared by the event.

Cheon Myung-hoon explained to people, “It was planned to show him a wonderful figure.” Following the release of the interview with the production crew, Cho said, “I don’t think I’d like it when I get an (public) event.” Chun Myung-hoon was embarrassed to see this in the studio.

Chun Myung-hoon had dinner with Cho Hee-kyung and asked, “I wonder how it was today.” Cho Hee-kyung said, “I was embarrassed at the Hongdae event, but I saw you trying.”

Gu Jun-yeop appeared in ‘taste of love’ for a long time. He told his acquaintances about the last blind date woman Ojihye “sometimes contact and stay like friends.” I also met my friend Kim Young-chul.

Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun ate with Oh Chang-suk’s friend Shori and Kwang-il. Shori and Kwang-il handed the couple two mobile phone cases and couples pajamas as gifts. Oh Chang-seok said that his friends admire Lee Chae-eun’s beauty, “the spirit is better than the appearance.”

The lie detector game soon followed. Oh Chang-suk was asked whether he really likes Lee Chae-eun and whether he can introduce Lee Chae-eun to his parents, but the polygraph came out as a lie. Lee Chae-eun responded, “It is a game, but I feel strange.” Lee Chae-eun, on the other hand, asked if he wanted to introduce Oh Chang-suk to his parents.

Meanwhile, ‘Taste of Love 2’ is broadcasted every Thursday at 11 pm.

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