In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Second Time: The Taste of Love’ (‘Taste of Love 2’), which aired on the afternoon of 15th, Lee Jong-hyun appeared at the ‘Mistrot’ concert.

Lee Jong-hyun enters the waiting room with trembling. 11 elder sisters watched, giving a bow to suicide.

Lee Jong-hyun’s parents also came to this concert in Daegu. Lee Jong-hyun’s hometown is Daegu. Lee’s mother cheered violently as the performances took place on stage. Suk-chung sent secret signals such as finger hearts to Lee Jong-hyun, and he smiled happily.

In the interview during the performance, Suk-Haeng announced, “His father and mother are coming.” “I am worried about each word. I can not say anything,” he said shy.

Lee Jong-hyun is on the stage. “Lee Jong-hyun from Daegu,” Lee Jong-hyun handed the first greeting, “I think the execution is a very attractive person,” he said, “now is the stage to know.” “How long will you know?” MC’s jjimyeo “It will end soon,” he showed a powerful appearance.

Cheuk Haeng met with her parents in the reunion. He was impressed by preparing bouquets and autographed CDs for his pre-parents. In Gwangju, he told his father Gulbi. Lee Jong-hyun’s mother thanked her for drawing and smiled. “I’m seeing the taste of love.”

Lee’s parents mentioned marriage. My mother was proud, saying, “I’m married to Suk-soo around.” My father asked me if I wasn’t going to marry, and he told me he was going to get married seven days before my father.

My mother said to Suk-Haeng, “I want to do well,” and actively asked for my son.

Actor Lee Jae Hwang appeared at the end of the broadcast. This year, 44-year-old Lee was shocked to discover that her last love was 10 years ago.

“Isn’t the love cell gone?” Asked the production crew Lee Jae-hwang replied, “Yes.” “I can’t stumble. I can’t stand it. I’m dying every time I do that in a drama.”

Lee Jae-hwang asked about his nickname when he was dating.

“I’m used to being alone. I can’t get out of the house,” he said.

Yet the crew said, “What do you think it would be like to have a blind date?”

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