In KBS2’s entertainment program ‘The Second We Forgot: Taste of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Taste of Love Season 2’), which was broadcasted on the 15th night, under the progress of Choi Hwa-jeong, Park Na-rae, Kim Jae-jung Cho Hee-kyung’s thumb and devotion process was released.

Lee Chae-eun went on a model trip to Sydney. Boyfriend Oh Chang-suk decided to take Lee Chae-eun to the airport directly by car.

Lee Chae-eun in the car grabbed Oh Chang-suk’s wrist like a queen of love. Oh Chang-seok also said, “I wrote a pretty hat,” Lee Chae-eun stared with a lovely eye, amplified the flutter.

Oh Chang Suk was headed to Eurwangni near the airport. Even in a windy situation, their love could not be prevented. I left a few hours and enjoyed a short date with Oh Chang-suk.

The two sat in a restaurant, staring at each other’s faces. Oh Chang-seok said, “You can’t cry to see me (go there).” He also packed Korean soul food kimchi for Lee Chae-eun to Sydney.

Lee Chae-eun asked Oh Chang-suk suddenly, “I’m pretty Jiyeon. I am pretty.” Oh Chang-suk had previously filmed a tiara delay and cohabitation concept entertainment program.

Oh Chang-seok responded, “Jiyeon was just doing art together,” and replied, “You are pretty.”

Good manners Oh Chang-seok packed a variety of items such as standing medicine, self-defense tools for Lee Chae-eun leaving for a foreign country. Lee Chae-eun, even in the hands of Americano, was impressed by Oh Chang-suk, who showed consideration.

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