In the ‘Taste of the wife’ actor Hwa Sowon’s evolutionary couple has been revealed to prepare for the second child pregnancy.

The TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’, which was broadcasted on the night of the night, depicts the daily life of Hamsoewon’s evolution couple.

On that day, the Ham-Won-Jeong evolution couple went on a health checkup to prepare for their second child’s pregnancy. Hamsowon said, “We are hoping Hye-jung’s brother. We are trying to have a test tube baby,” he said.

Evolution of the bowel induction agent ahead of the colonoscopy, “I do not want to eat,” said. But Hamsowon said, “We need to be healthy, so the baby will be healthy,” he said. “What if you’re sick because of the boss. Are you the head of our house?”

Hae-Won-Jeong, the couple who went to the hospital, received a health check. First, Hamsowon performed thyroid and abdominal ultrasonography. Ham So-won said, “Do you have a lot of thyroid disease in women in their 40s?” Moreover, I heard a doctor say, “There are many people in the auditory glands.” In fact, Hamsowon’s thyroid ultrasonography found some water bumps and shocked me.

In addition, several gallstones were found in Hamseon’s abdomen. “The gallbladder can become inflamed, cholecystitis can come and you can feel abdominal pain,” the doctor said.

Evolution was colonoscopy under anesthesia. After completing the test, Hamsoon went to Evolution and suddenly showed tears as she looked at her sleeping husband. Ham So-won said, “It was hard to come to Korea. I have a hard time meeting you.” Then he shed tears as he stroked the head of evolution.

Hamsowon in the studio said, “I thought my husband would be healthy and strong all the time because I was young, but I felt tired when I fell asleep.

Ham So-won said to evolution, “Hey, I’m hungry, eat some food, and let’s go home.” Soon after I woke up to the evolution “It was hard to come to Korea? Today I suffered too much,” he said.

The couple listened to the doctor for the test results. Among them, water bumps were found in the thyroid gland of evolution and shocked. The doctor advised that people with frequent thyroid glands are healthy. But nodules were found. They do not appear to be of a bad nature, but the size is enough for a biopsy. He also received high cholesterol.

In the case of Hamsowon, liver levels were confirmed to be high. The doctor advised that the gynecologist should be aware of the condition of the inmate who is currently undergoing an in vitro baby procedure.

At the same time, the doctor concluded, “I think I can conceive a second child in good health.”

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