The TV CHOSUN ‘Wife of the Wife’, which was broadcasted on the 8th, revealed the 100,000 pyeong farm of the evolutionary parents. Hamsowon visited the psychiatrist and consulted. 

Evolutionary mother and father run a farm in Harbin, China. The two came to Harbin for the harvest season. The first place they headed is the three-story villa. Hamsowon explained, “Harbin farming rice and corn are big. There’s a cottage over there because you can’t go back and forth during the harvest season.” 

Since then, their corn fields have been huge. It’s 100,000 pyeong, which is the size of five soccer fields. ‘Taste of wife’ cast was amazed at the enormous scale, and Ham So-won said, “There is more.”

Hamsowon and evolutionary daily life was also revealed. Evolution of the day showed satisfaction with ‘sunple’ towards itself. But Hamsowon’s comments were completely different. Ham’s response was sensitive, asking Evolution, “Do you look strange to me?” 

In the end, Hamwon found a psychiatrist secretly evolving. I was very concerned about the money related to the money. He went to the doctor and said, “Too many people say ‘I’m obsessed with money’ these days. I never thought I was obsessed. 

The doctor asked the complainant what he thought ‘money’ was. Hamsoon said, “Money seems so good. You can get an education, you can eat something. You can’t get out of it. “And you can earn money if you use your money.” The doctor said honestly that Hamson was obsessed with money because of his childhood experience. 

Hamsowon confessed the past with these doctors. He earned money as a part-time job since he was a middle school student, and said he became the head of college after winning college at Miss Korea. “In the past, I suddenly experienced poverty,” he said. “Before entering college, I thought, ‘How can I make money?’ 

The doctor said that he had no one to lean on and that he was carrying too much of the burden. Hamsowon stabbed the sore spot and immediately shed tears. The studio also shed tears as I saw myself in the VCR. 

But Ham So-won said, “I thought I’ve done well, but when I see many people surprised, I think, ‘I am so severe.’ “I don’t think about it and I can only think about it, so I’m thinking about it a lot these days. 

On the other hand, Lee and Jung Jung-ho, the couple, invited their families to a party for their daughter’s 100 days. In addition, Hong Hyun-hee and Jay wrote a dream of returning home from Jeju with Kim Yong-myung. 

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