On the first day of the first day, the TVN ‘Tearing Sound 3 – Daengnong expedition party’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Purgatory 3’) was composed of the members of Han Taeung Woong, Park Myungsoo,

The members arrived at Ulsan Uga Village Guest House.

Han Tae-woong and Park Jae-rae greeted each other with greetings. Since then, Yang Chan Chan has appeared. Park said, “I heard the sound, but my mouth first came in.”

Han Tae-woong explained, “Do you know that it is farming? I have come here because I am short-handed.”

The youngest man in the village, Haenam Jung Woo, has appeared. Han Tae-woong presented rice to Chung Woo directly.


He said to Park, “My sister did not come to work, so I came to have a fashion show.”

Jung Woo-woo has packed up seafood from the sea, including octopus sea cucumbers and abalone horns. “I have to feed before I work,” he said.

A table full of wild seafood was prepared. Taewoong, the grandmother gave me a cup of tea. Park Myeong-soo admires “delicious”. “We have no additives, we can not eat well.”

It says that there are about 15 women who are 60 years old or older in Ugagan village.

Jung Woo-woo told the members, “I have to go eat rice, go to wet suit and practice materials.”

Yang So-chan asked Jung Woo-woo, who is the best member of the material? So Jung Woo-woo replied, “Park is a sister-in-law.

Park said in an interview with the production crew, “I was scared to go deep into the sea.”

It took a lot of energy to wear a maid. Jung Woo helped the members to wear the sea clothes.

Park said, “I’ve seen it for the first time today, and it’s been a while since I’ve been there, but it’s very sweet and mature, I’m mature and I’ve never felt older.”

Park said, “Those who wear suits for the first time seem to have a hard time. It takes only an hour to wear.”

The first material challenge was followed. As soon as she entered the sea, she was “very cold” and was surprised by the temperature of the sea. Park Myung-soo complained of claustrophobia and could not get into the sea because of his chest fullness.

Park repeatedly tried several times, but he could not get into the sea and came back to me.

Yang Chan-chan succeeded in getting it with help of Jeong-woo. “I watched the bottom of Uga Harbor,” remarked Cho.

Jung Woo said, “I had a feeling that this was my brother.

Yang Sheen succeeded in harvesting the sea cucumber on the first day.

Later, Park also took courage and went into the water to challenge the material. However, the fear of the sea and claustrophobia, Jeong Woo advised Park to stop.

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