In the MBC drama “The Banker,” which was broadcast on the 8th, all the buttons of Kang Sang Do (Dang Keun) were interrupted due to Moon Hong-joo (Cha Inha). 

Moon Hong-ju (Cha In-ha) appealed for dizziness as the audit room was strengthened. As soon as he got out of the room, the western part (An-yeon-yeon) considered him as a winner. Roh Dae-ho (Kim Sang-jung) visited Munhongju and said, “Thank you for letting me know about a civic agency at first.” “I apologize,” Moon said.

I was worried about Moon-hyoung and found his house. When I saw the pictures, I found that Moon Hoong – ju was a bank scholarship student and also knowing that he was familiar with Kang Sang – do (Dong – Geun). In other words, Moon Hong-joo was a spy, and in this case, the consignment was shocked.

The next day, the secretariat was worried about revealing all facts. At this time, Mr. Hong showed up and submitted a resignation letter to Dae – ho. Munhongju said, “I am a former bank scholarship student, and the Korean bank scholarship was made when my current manager became an officer.”

He said, “I told Kim Chung-jin that he was a prime minister, and he told me to report to the Audit Office.” “I was instructed to delete the data at the Busan Data Center, and it would be bad for the bank. . “When I felt something was wrong, I was already too far away,” said Moon Hong-joo. 

“I’m sorry I could not notice it,” said the old man who was surprised. He said, “It is because of the guilt that you have used and conspired in your conspiracy, and that you should reveal the truth with your hands.” But Moon Hong-ju did not change his mind.

Moon Hong-joo was deeply troubled. He also had an obligation to keep the leader. The next day Moon Hong-ju returned to the inspection room. Roh explained to the Audit Office staff about the fact that the bank has come to the present place at the expense of the common people and the final plan of D1. The staff of the Audit Office then went into the office of the rescue and conducted a search of the confiscation. 

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